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How you frame your sentences when you think a thought has an unconscious impact on you. Reframing the negative situation that you are facing is an extremely powerful tool to get out of it. Turn your thoughts into statements like ‘I choose to feel upset about it because it is serving me in some way”. This will suddenly make you pause and question why do you continue to want to be upset in the first place. And how it is helping you. Sometimes I hear things like this from my client: “I chose to be upset because it reminds me never to do this mistake again”. In situations like this, you have to find an alternate method to amend your mistakes instead of beating yourself up over and over again. Watch this video to know another way you can reframe a negative situation in order to move on. 

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Here is the complete set of all the parts on emotional resilience. Each covers a different reason of why bad things happen and how to overcome them:

Part 1: General framework of how to develop emotional balance during an upsetting situation.

Part 2: The relation between the laws of attraction and toxic people entering your life.

Part 3: Why do other people treat us badly and how to understand them.

Part 4: How to correct our own perceptions about negative events.

Part 5: Another reason why you may experience the worst kind of situation.

Part 6: How to look at a situation when your plans don’t work out.

Part 7: Hero origin stories from difficult life circumstances.

Part 8: How to be calm in the face of rejection

Part 9: How to be resilient in the face of failure

Part 10: In the face of challenging circumstances, assign this meaning.

Part 11: How to stop feeling stuck about a challenging event

Part 12: How to view challenges as growth opportunities

Part 13: Upcoming

Part 14: Upcoming

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