About the Founder

A Better Living is a wellness company founded by Moumita Paul. After 15 years of corporate experience in companies like Amazon, and Walt Disney, she decided to follow her true calling – to help discover people’s true selves and find the light within. 

Limelight and Past activities

She believes self-help is the best help. Her mission is to empower people in discovering their true potential, overcome their limiting beliefs about themselves and reclaim their happiness in work and personal life.


Moumita Paul

Moumita is based out of India. She went through a depression in 2020 that changed the way that she prioritized her life. She went through spiritual awakening experiences that left a profound impact on her and transformed her life.

She realized that there are other people who have gone through the same challenges that she went through. And this is when she decided to start coaching others.


Graduated MBA @ Indian School of Business

She graduated in computer engineering. And has an MBA from one of the top B-Schools in India – the Indian School of Business (ISB). She first tasted the delight of entrepreneurship by launching a start-up (2006) in collaboration with Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park in IIT, Kharagpur (India), and raised funding. It failed. But her spirit did not.


Moumita's first video game that she developed

Her next start-up was named Over Cloud 9, founded in 2010.  She developed video games and was one of the first, few, female, PC video game developers in India. Her games were successful and were published on Steam, BigFish games, GameHouse, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Eventually, she decided to move on from gaming to something more exciting.



She moved on to product management where she worked for companies like Amazon and Walt Disney. She has accrued over 15 years of experience. Her passion for coaching others has given her tremendous joy and manifold transformations in her client’s life!


mindset transformation

Moumita has been known among her friends to immediately uplift them when they were upset. She has formulated a simple framework for understanding your core beliefs. Her methods involve tapping into your future self to build your dream life.

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