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At A.B.L, we believe in 360° Healing

Your mind, body and soul are connected. And when one is stressed, the others follow suit. Our services are designed to restore your wellbeing you holistically.

Private Channeling Sessions

Do you have burning questions about your purpose, health, or relationships that you can't find answers to? Book a one on one, private channeling session! And receive life-transforming answers

Premium Videos

Do you want to know about Lucifer's Fall, Shadow Work, or Water Elementals? Download these channeled videos from Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene or extraterrestrial beings like the Arcturian Council, or intradimensionals like HOD, Nomura Lemurians, etc.

Video Courses by Moumita

Online Video Courses

Get lifetime access to self-paced, online courses to learn channeling, automatic writing, self healing the body communication, free meditations, etc. Embark on a journey towards a happier and healthier life!

Private 1:1 Coaching

Say goodbye to your soul sucking job and hello to a happier & purposeful life. Reduce anxiety and stress of transitioning to your new spiritual business by 86% through personalised, online, one on one coaching. Make a living from your life purpose and pursue your highest excitement.

Read The Book

In September 2023, Moumita had a life-altering encounter with Archangel Michael. He said - Lucifer was not who you think he was. He is one of the seven Archangels of Yeshua. And he was vilified and framed as 'satan' just because he looked 'abominable'. Read the book to find out more!

Video Courses by Moumita

Listen To Our Podcast

Get the best and the latest of Moumita's channelings, mastering the body or learning how to use technology for spiritual ascension, sacred sexuality, sacred geometry, free lessons on healing anxiety, and what not! Follow our podcast today!

About Us

Meet The Founder

Moumita is a transformative coach and gifted vocal channeler. She has a remarkable track record of her clients experiencing an 86% reduction in stress, and an impressive 90% clarity in their life purpose, equipping them with valuable long-term emotional coping skills to navigate the challenges of work and life. By coaching 62 clients across 134 countries and an impressive 90% satisfaction rate, Moumita has changed lives.

As a vocal channeler, Moumita brings through divine wisdom of 14 beings like Archangel Michael, Dragons, Green Tara, Mary Magdalene, Arcturian Council, Hod, Lemurians, etc.

Her clients have reported life-altering shifts in their perspective, with some even making significant life changes, including relocating to different countries and shifting to parallel timelines of profound spiritual growth. Through her channeling sessions, individuals have gained a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of their illnesses, formed profound connections with their inner selves and spirit guides, and received mind-blowing insights into spirituality and metaphysics.

With a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to her clients’ well-being, Moumita is a beacon of inspiration for those seeking profound healing & purposeful life.

How do we coach you

A.B.L Wellness Tools

In our 1:1 coaching, we combine traditional coaching along with these psychological, somatic, and metaphysical techniques to create extraordinary results & satisfaction. 

The Happy Lives

What Our Clients Say

These reviews are from clients who did private coaching with Moumita.

Moumita is a game changer! After only the first consultation session she had me in tears, releasing some of my pain and realizing there was a lot more work to do. It was through committing to a few sessions with her that I gained the strength to move on from a very challenging job. She had amazing exercises we did together and throughout all of it I truly felt it was so genuine and that she really cared about me. I couldn’t recommend working with her anymore, thank you for everything!

Stefanie Feldman
Stefanie Feldman

Product Manager

Due to a few challenging situations, I faced last year, I was constantly debating my decisions which was draining my energy. Moumita helped me to dive deep into the problems I was in. When I did my homework to apply the same process to my choices, it started making sense that with the data and information I had, I would still make the same decisions today, thereby validating my decision-making process. I intend to apply this framework not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.

Sreerama Jayanthi
Sreerama Jayanthi

Director of Engineering

How could she see through my purpose so easily? My purpose feels validated now. In therapy, I felt I was going in circles. She helped me find out what are the negative talks that I often do. I liked how we went with the flow, how we discovered the negative belief system I had. She showed me how to use my core strengths to do what I want and how to do it. The most valuable part of our session was that she challenged my negative thought of not having mastered something. Now I have insights into my purpose and a plan of action.

Ajay Khanna
Ajay Khanna

Program Manager at Amazon

Moumita is an amazing coach and individual. I signed up for career coaching sessions with her, but Moumita quickly discovered my blocks were way deeper and pivoted the sessions to address root causes that I didn’t even know I needed to heal. She worked with me through several of my personal blocks and was so accommodating. In just 3 sessions she impacted my well being so profoundly and put me on a path to healing. I didn’t realize the full impact at the time, but post one year, I am still amazed at how much impact it had on me and continues to have! What I loved about her is her authenticity and deep commitment to fully helping you heal inside out.

Teja Akela
Teja Akela

Manager at Amazon

Moumita Paul- work stress coach

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