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Release your work stress now! Master A Better Life
Lose your stress, not your mind! Reduce your work stress and anxiety by 86% in just one coaching session. Start tackling your professional challenges today, get our expert coaching.
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Discover the secret to manifestation and parallel realities
Manifest anything you want in your life using the law of attraction. Understand how parallel realities work, how it is influenced by your belief system and how you are navigating through your past, present and future. Align your thoughts and feelings and rewrite your future.
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Connect with Intradimensional beings
Connect with higher-intelligent beings, and get answers to your burning questions using our vocal channeling services. Ask about your life’s purpose, critical issues, and challenges. Learn about your special abilities and hidden talents and activate them.
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Get advice from your accomplished-parallel version
Through a simple meditation, you’ll connect with a future, parallel version of yourself and get insights on how to overcome your current challenges and achieve your dreams. Some people's entire career trajectory has changed after doing this exercise.
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Ways we can help you

At A.B.L, we believe in 360° Healing

We believe that your mind, body and soul are connected. And when one is stressed, the others follow suit. Our services are designed to heal you holistically.

Moumita Paul
Coaching by Moumita

Personal Coaching

Say goodbye to stress & burnout and hello to a happier, healthier, and more productive you. Get 1:1 private coaching, customised strategies, and personalised support that empower you to overcome stress, manage your workload, and achieve your goals. Experience 100% improvement in confidence.

Video courses by Moumita
Video Courses by Moumita

Video Courses

Take care of your mental health and personal development. Get lifetime access to self-paced, online courses to overcome communication challenges, anger, etc. Feel a 90% reduction in negative emotions. Embark on a journey towards a happier and healthier work life today!

Live group sessions
Live group sessions by Moumita

Live Group Sessions

Develop your soul! In these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive messages from higher beings like the Arcturian Council, Lemurians, etc on topics like using technology in spiritual ascension, self healing, parallel realities, time traveling, metaphysics and so much more.

Vocal Channeling

1:1 Vocal Channeling

Do you have burning questions about your purpose, health, or relationships that you can't find answers to? Look no further than our private Vocal Channeling sessions!
You can ask any question to these intradimensional beings and receive life-transforming answers.

Free Self Help videos

Free Self Help Videos

If you are constantly battling against work-related problems and challenges, then our self-help videos are just what you need! These small bites of information, healing, meditation, etc will keep you sane for the day. Manage your stress and improve your well-being.

Energy Healing by Moumita
Energy healing by Moumita

Body Healing

Dealing with physical illness, pain and chronic ailments? Try pranic healing - the life force that heals your chakras. This no-touch, distance healing modality will relieve your physical problems. With just one session, you could see a 50-100% reduction in the pain & discomfort.

Moumita Paul
About Us

Meet Your Burnout Coach

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out at work and are unsure of how to move forward, consult Moumita for one on one coaching sessions. 

Moumita Paul is a work stress and burnout coach who helps product managers and working professionals overcome work-related stress, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.

She has 14 years of experience working at companies such as Amazon and Walt Disney. Moumita has completed her MBA from the Indian School of Business. 

However, in 2021, she experienced severe burnout, anxiety, and depression at work. She was unhappy and had no idea how to move forward. 

This experience led her to search for a deeper meaning in life and equip herself with effective emotional coping strategies to handle daily stress and burnout, improving her overall emotional well-being.

Now, as a work-stress and burnout coach, she is helping professionals like you overcome burnout, stress, anxiety, anger, and self-doubt. 

How do we coach you

A.B.L Wellness Tools

In our 1:1 coaching, we combine traditional coaching along with these psychological, somatic, and metaphysical techniques to give you extraordinary results & satisfaction. 

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How stressed are you? Take this free stress test to determine your stress levels.

The Happy Lives

What Our Clients Say

These reviews are from clients who did 1:1 work stress coaching with Moumita. There are also those who took her private vocal channeling sessions.

Moumita is a game changer! After only the first consultation session she had me in tears, releasing some of my pain and realizing there was a lot more work to do. It was through committing to a few sessions with her that I gained the strength to move on from a very challenging job. She had amazing exercises we did together and throughout all of it I truly felt it was so genuine and that she really cared about me. I couldn’t recommend working with her anymore, thank you for everything!

Stefanie Feldman
Stefanie Feldman

Product Manager

Due to a few challenging situations, I faced last year, I was constantly debating my decisions which was draining my energy. Moumita helped me to dive deep into the problems I was in. When I did my homework to apply the same process to my choices, it started making sense that with the data and information I had, I would still make the same decisions today, thereby validating my decision-making process. I intend to apply this framework not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.

Sreerama Jayanthi
Sreerama Jayanthi

Director of Engineering

How could she see through my purpose so easily? My purpose feels validated now. In therapy, I felt I was going in circles. She helped me find out what are the negative talks that I often do. I liked how we went with the flow, how we discovered the negative belief system I had. She showed me how to use my core strengths to do what I want and how to do it. The most valuable part of our session was that she challenged my negative thought of not having mastered something. Now I have insights into my purpose and a plan of action.

Ajay Khanna
Ajay Khanna

Program Manager at Amazon

I had a 30-minute vocal channeling session with Moumita and my only regret was not being better prepared with my questions. This was my first time talking to a channel and I didn’t know what to expect, but she was very helpful and caring during the whole process. The channeling itself was beyond my expectations and it helped me understand different aspects of myself and it opened some new doors to different areas of knowledge to explore. My experience was amazing, and I look forward to another session soon. Thanks Moumita!



I had a fantastic first session with Moumita. She is an incredible talented person and is gifted in making you feel at ease from the beginning. She channelled Sirians for me. I learned a deep understanding about my mission, my channelling experiences, my channelling blockages and how to remove them, my Chakra blockages and how to remove them, my aspects in different dimensions, past life's and ways to transmute energy. And all this in a 30 minute session. I highly recommend Moumita . Thank you Moumita for the magical experience!

Bert Bx
Bert Bx

Belgium Govt Employee

Moumita brought through the Arcturian Council and Sirians. She was able to tune into my love of Asia (I lived there for 7 yrs) and Eastern spiritual rituals and also channeled the Arcturian Council. She was also able to tell me that I have a strong Sirian connection which has opened a new door for me and I could feel them around me and have had further validations in real life and from my guides. Thank you Moumita and your team

Aidan Doyle
Aidan Doyle

Life Coach

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