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Results of coaching with Moumita

"Her approach was direct, focused, and provided actionable solutions. I also managed to work through my emotions."

"I realized that I am creating a situation in my head that doesn't exist. She helped me get clarity of thought and find a larger goal.""

"The future self exercise aligned me with who I am. I felt heard, understood and seen. It makes me trust Moumita even more."

Moumita Paul

100% Increase in Self Esteem

Release Self doubts, Imposter Syndrome, and Limiting beliefs. Boost trust in self.

86% Reduction in Anxiety & Anger

Release negative emotions in just one session. Master your emotional response to triggers

60% Improvement in Relationships

Remove relationship stressors. Say 'NO' to unfair demands with compassion.

Success Metrics

How do we measureSuccess

How will you know that our coaching actually helped you? It’s not about simply feeling good. It’s about behavior change and transforming life. We use the following ways to measure the successful outcomes of our coaching.


Measuring emotions

We score the emotions both at the start of the session and at the end. You can see the remarkable drop in the client's negative emotions in the graph above.

Shift in behavior

We note your behaviours when you came to us with a problem (e.g. avoidance, blaming, fear based decisions). And how they change after coaching.

Somatic connection

Recovery of the Body

When your limiting beliefs are permanently released through coaching, some of your physical problems will also resolve on their own (e.g. insomnia, fatigue, body aches).

Parts Work

Ending Procrastination

Procrastination is not laziness. It happens due to internal conflicts about a decision or feeling a lack of control over life. We heal that, thus ending your cycle of procrastination.

Purpose finding

Following your passion

When you get aligned with your values and highest excitement through our coaching, you will stop doing work that you hate and start following your joy.

Relationship improvement

Less stressful relations

The most noticeable shift in your life after our coaching is an immediate improvement in your relationship satisfaction. The blame game stops and real healing happens.

Powerful Tools To Overcome Burnout & Stress

Click on the tabs below to check out the comprehensive list of the tools we use in our 1:1 coaching sessions and what do they do

Coaching is all about asking powerful questions to uncover your hidden motivations and show you how you are creating your own roadblocks. Coaching is very transformative because it gives you your power back. When you know where you are stuck, you can get unstuck and create the dream life that you want.

We help clients discover their purpose by asking powerful coaching questions that help client recall their past experiences to remind them that good values/skills/abilities that they have forgotten because of fear and negative experiences.

Connecting with one’s own heart chakra to get answers to important questions. It helps build trust in self. This tool is excellent for people who can’t make their own decisions and always seek external validation.

The somatic method of checking in with the body to find the root cause of a physical pain/discomfort or emotional pain. This builds body awareness because our emotions & trauma are stored in our body. This also permanently heals the physical problem.

Cartesian logic is a decision making tool that helps evaluate multiple options to gain perspective about a situation. It’s also useful to resolve internal resistance when the client is conflicted about something. This is a famous NLP technique.

Gratitude exercise that helps one person see positive in a negative situation. An example of this was shared by Eric Edmeades in his famous talk – the hindsight window

Release negative emotions through this 5 minute method. Ask your unconscious mind how can you let go of negative emotions about something. And you will experience huge emotional releases.

Giving and seeking Forgiveness to release long pent-up emotions, resentment, grudges, hurt and anger. This is super easy because the client doesn’t have to talk to the perpetrator in order to forgive. The client asks for forgiveness or gives forgiveness from the higher soul of the perpetrator.

Effective communication framework was created by psychologist Dr David Burns to disarm conflicts, tension, handling disagreements politely and setting boundaries (saying No nicely) with others. Moumita has created an entire course about it.

This is a great perspective shifting tool that allows you to understand the positive impact of your negative emotions like anger, sadness, etc. Your emotions are chemical messengers that tell you how you are not in alignment with your core values. Another gem by Dr David Burns. Also known as positive reframing of negative emotions.

Named as ‘Forced empathy‘ by Dr David Burns, you get to roleplay as the other person with who you have conflict with, to understand their perspective. This shifts one’s own perspective about the situation drastically and brings closure.

Another tool from Dr David Burns – Truth seeking helps to see what actually contributed to the problem in an objective fashion to gain fresh perspective. This is very effective for people who blame themselves often.

Also known as the paradoxical, double standards technique, here you become your own advisor and find solutions to your own problems. It is also another tool from Dr David Burn’s repository. In this we make the client hear himself/herself and understand where they are making mistakes, repeating patterns or acting like martyrs/victims. This helps them unlock their own inner wisdom instead of depending on others for advice/validation.

This is the single most powerful, NLP tool that Moumita uses in her coaching. It is known as Mental and Emotional Release, developed by Dr James Matt for releasing trauma, negative emotions and limiting belief. This creates permanent behaviour change, removing blocks and developing newer coping strategy

Also known as Parts Integration or Gestalt. This is one of the powerful techniques taught by Teal Swan, and in NLP. This is also referred to as Internal Family Systems. Parts integration is very well explained in this podcast by Moumita. This is for removing procrastination and inner conflicts and resistance.

The Future self imagination exercise – to get advice from the future self for a successful life. This concepts, though feels like a simple meditation, has a profound experience on clients who have used it. It amalgamates the concepts of parallel realities, law of attraction and has changed career trajectories of people who have used it.

NLP anchoring is a technique to program your body to activate positive emotions like happiness, motivation, etc at will, anytime. It is quick and easy to do and successful entrpreneurs and coaches like Tony Robbins and Eric Edmeades often talk about using it before their live events.

Also known as Regression or Trauma Completion or Inner Child Work, this process involves remembering painful or traumatic childhood memories and connect with the wounded inner child. This brings resolution to current problems the client is facing and soothes/heals their inner child. This has been often talked by celebrity therapists like, Marissa Peers. Teal Swan had written an entire of this process called the “The completion process“.

Self love, affirmations, body programming techniques are available for advanced clients to develop kindness towards oneself

Deleting negative emotions using the “whiteboard and duster method”, is a technqiue where a client is able to let go of resentment, hurt, grudges and forgive someone. This is very effective for some clients who are not able to get closure.

Another tool from Dr David Burn’s repository, where we make the client score themselves as worst, best, average on something specific. This is especially useful when a client is doubting themselves and need help in identifying where do they need to improve. Instead of overgeneralising, clients get an objective perspective of themselves. It relieves self doubt and creates a clear strategy to move forward.

More popularly known as Emotional Freedom Technique, you can tap the body’s specific meridian points to release trauma and negative emotions held in those parts of the body. This creates total healing of physical and emotional ailments and beliefs.

Case studies and Success Stories

Name and photos of clients have been changed to protect privacy

#Case 1: How Sophia increased her confidence by 100% even after getting laid off

Her Challenge:

Sophia worked as a product manager in one of the companies for the last 7+ years. But then the company fired her. This led to anxiety, feeling of unworthy, and a loss of self-confidence. Sophie was afraid that if the same thing happens in a new job.

Coaching Tools Used:

Moumita used the Truth Seeking exercise to first give her an objective perspective about the situation. Then she used Positive reframing of negative emotions to help her release her anxiety, anger and self blame. That gave Sophia sufficient clarity that it was not her fault. Then Moumita used the paradoxical double standard technique to build a strategy to move forward without fear. In her own words – “I feel totally good right now. You helped me appreciate what I have. I got more than what I got in 10 therapy sessions. My confidence level is increased by 100%”.

Sophia got laid off

Serenity released her sadness

#Case 2: Serenity experienced 90% release of her sadness about facing racism at work

Her Challenge:

Serenity had just newly joined a team and was trying to establish trust and rapport with her team. She was fearful that she is a black person with accent in UK, and her team mates took the previous manager seriously and not her.

Coaching Tools Used:

Moumita guided her with the ‘Future Self’ exercise which put her to peace. Her ‘future self’ adviced her to get trainings, read books, mingle with others in the same role and learn from them, attend webinars and do whatever it takes to build her authority. As per Serenity: “The approach that was taken to find answers within me opened my eyes. I was not focusing on the solutions. It helped me gain clarity and how I should  approach challenges. As long as I am doing the job properly, my race doesn’t matter.”

#Case 3: Daphne healed her burnout and resentment towards manager to find peace

Her Challenge:

Daphne’s manager put her in a project that she hated, and without asking her. She was very angry at her boss, while also experiencing a poor work-life balance, heavy pressure and burnout. She had become bitter and sought help with her issues.

Coaching Tools Used:

Daphne took a long term coaching package to gradually release her anger & resentment. Moumita applied many techniques like positive framing of negative emotions, Forced empathy, gratitude exercises, Future Self exercise, Parts work, Mental and Emotional release and various other tools over the period of 6 months of coaching. She has finally able to let go of her grudge, anger and resentment. Daphne says: “I hadn’t thought of my boss’s perspective. I am thinking about how I contributed to the bad situation and how it is in my control to change it. After our session, I was able to listen to him, provide some constructive feedback and take it all in peacefully. At this moment I was truly grateful for our sessions.”

Daphne overcame her burnout

Kaushik’s self doubts

#Case 4: How Kaushik let go of his self doubts & imposter syndrome by 100%

His Challenge:

Kaushik had developed a mindset that no matter what opportunities he pursued, he was unable to commit to any decision for an extended period. Despite having worked at Amazon for four years, he believed he hadn’t dedicated enough time to the company or built sufficient trust. As a team manager, he felt like a failure in terms of leadership.

Coaching Tools Used:

Moumita taught him how to use positive reframing on self doubts. She used multiple techniques for a period of 1 month like the paradoxical double standard technique on him, MER to release his imposter syndrome, etc. She also used the coaching questions to remind him of his true purpose. And used Parts integration on him for resolving his inner conflicts. As a result, his self esteem was boosted by 100% and he stopped second guessing his decisions.