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Free Meditations

Om Mani Padme Hum
This mantra has a wish-fulfilling property, heals emotions, opens the crown chakra, increases intelligence, and brings great inner peace.
Heart chakra meditation
Opening the heart chakra is crucial for spiritual development. You will experience the bodily sensation of divine bliss & peace for the first time in your life!
body scanning & self love
Love and accept yourself unconditionally. Some people can heal their physical illnesses if they do it regularly.
soul meditation
Experience oneness with the Soul! Some of you may end up astral projecting.
higher self meditation
This is capable of releasing 50% of one of your limiting beliefs if you narrow down your problem. This will raise your perspective to the higher soul and give you a totally alternate point of view about your life challenges, that raise your vibration.
heal your anxiety
Feeling anxious or fearful? This guided meditation can help you eliminate those negative emotions and find lasting peace within minutes.
anger release meditation
Release anger fast, wherever you are, without needing to sit still or close your eyes. You can do this meditation anywhere & anytime while walking, driving, or even gardening. Self forgiveness and Self love is the key to calm down. This meditation shows you how to do that.
This meditation is perfect for you if you're experiencing: Phobias, Panic Attacks, Depression, Extreme Stress, Anxiety. It helps you uncover the root cause and heal it there. Listen to it and start feeling better today!