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1:1 Private Channeling Session with Moumita

Talk with higher beings from other dimensions

In this one-on-one, private, video, session, Moumita will connect with an extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional being and help you gain insights and clarity about your life. During vocal channeling, Moumita enters into an altered state of consciousness and connects with a higher being, enabling you to engage in a conversation with their enlightened presence.

Session Structure

30 minutes online, video session for $50 USD. Sessions are not extended if you are late. Come prepared with your questions. Install Zoom and test the meeting link at least 10 minutes before you join the session.

What happens

Moumita brings through any one of the higher dimensional beings like the Arcturian Council, HOD, the Lemurians, or the Sirius beings who speak through her voice in real-time. You can talk with them just like you would with a person.

What to Ask

You can ask any question. Receive spiritual guidance about your health, life purpose, career, or family. People also ask questions about the nature of reality, spirit guides, parallel realities, starseeds, past lives, etc.

Client Love


I had a fantastic first session with Moumita. She is an incredible talented person and is gifted in making you feel at ease from the beginning. She channelled Sirians for me. I learned a deep understanding about my mission, my channelling experiences, my channelling blockages and how to remove them, my Chakra blockages and how to remove them, my aspects in different dimensions, past life's and ways to transmute energy. And all this in a 30 minute session. I highly recommend Moumita . Thank you Moumita for the magical experience!
Bert Bx
Belgium Govt Employee
I had a 30-minute vocal channeling session with Moumita and my only regret was not being better prepared with my questions. This was my first time talking to a channel and I didn’t know what to expect, but she was very helpful and caring during the whole process. The channeling itself was beyond my expectations and it helped me understand different aspects of myself and it opened some new doors to different areas of knowledge to explore. My experience was amazing, and I look forward to another session soon. Thanks Moumita!
Moumita brought through the Arcturian Council and Sirians. She was able to tune into my love of Asia (I lived there for 7 yrs) and Eastern spiritual rituals and also channeled the Arcturian Council. She was also able to tell me that I have a strong Sirian connection which has opened a new door for me and I could feel them around me and have had further validations in real life and from my guides. Thank you Moumita and your team
Aidan Doyle
Life Coach

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Receive guidance on your problems. Let the positive vibrations of the channeled beings elevate your soul and illuminate your path, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual ascension.

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Which Higher Beings Are Being Channeled?

The Arcturian Council
The Arcturian Council of Seven are 9th dimensional, non physical, extra-terrestrials who once lived in the constellation of Arcturus. They are currently hovering over Sedona, Arizona in their invisible ships and monitoring Earth. They help humans who are ready to spiritually ascend and preparing them for open contact with E.T.s. They are also Moumita's spirit guides and are embodiment of unconditional love.
Beings from Sirius Constellation
They are amphibious, extra terrestrial, non physical beings who once resided in the constellation of Sirius. They are now helping Earth and humans in spiritual ascension. Their invisible ships hover over Madhya Pradesh, India. They are also Moumita's spirit guides. They help people connect with their highest excitement and life purpose. These beings express child like joy and have fun loving nature like the dolphins.
The Lemurians from a parallel Earth
The Lemurians are peaceful, 8th dimensional humans from a parallel earth who have arrived to assist humans in healing themselves physically and emotionally. They reside in the ocean depths, where they can switch between physical and nonphysical states, and stay away from human interference and toxins. They are shamans who have been summoned by the galactic council to help Earth and humans remove toxins from the human body, and the environment.
HOD - Keeper of Technology
HOD is the god of technology, an archetypal energy who governs all technological development on Earth. HOD channels his energies to guide humanity in using technology for spiritual ascension, personal development, work, and health. HOD wants to help individuals overcome their fears related to ChatGPT, 5G, mobile radiation, etc. He has already worked behind the scenes to reduce the harmful effects of mobiles, laptops and radiation. He can assist you in development, guidance or improvements of any tools, equipments, engines, and technology of any kind.


General Questions

Are you new to vocal channeling? We suggest checking out group channeling videos and the FAQs below to understand how it works.

What is vocal channeling?

During vocal channeling, Moumita takes 2-3 minutes to enter into an altered state of consciousness and connects with an extradimensional guide. Her eyes remains closed during the entire session because she remains in a dream-like state, and the beings use her voice to talk with you. To you, you only see Moumita talking, but the answers that come through her are theirs and not hers.

What I need to bring to the session?

Write down your questions beforehand. Make sure you have stable internet connection. Session recordings are available if you are joining from your computer. If you are joining from mobile, recording is not available. You can takes notes during the session if you wish.

Why do I need to talk to my higher self through them?

You don't HAVE to. It's your choice if you wish to receive any divine guidance from your higher self. Most people don't know how to directly communicate with their higher self. That's why they use these high vibrational beings to receive messages that they wouldn't have otherwise ever known.

What will they NOT answer?

These beings don't like interfering in your life or altering it. So they will not make any future predictions or psychic readings. Nor will they stalk or pry on others. Nor say name of your future spouse. Channeled messages are a life transformative experience.

Where can I watch more about these beings?

You can check out Moumita's youtube channel to see how other people interact with these beings: https://www.youtube.com/@a.better.living

Anything else I should know?

Session recordings are available if you join Zoom from computer. Channeling is done only in English. You need to know how to use Zoom or Google Meet for the session. We cannot provide any technical support if you are unable to operate Zoom/Google Meet. Fees may be in INR currency sometimes, equivalent to USD price mentioned here.

Why are these beings helping us?

These beings are on a mission to help humans on Earth to achieve spiritual ascension. These are benevolent beings living in the nonphysical, higher dimensions and often give guidance to those who ask for help. They are our angels, spirit guides, and divine helpers who have soul contracts with us. They collect messages from your higher self and spirit guides and convey them to you real time.

Are they sharing messages from our higher self or spirit guides?

Yes! Your higher self and spirit guides send their messages to these beings so that they can assist you in your life. Most of the time humans ignore the synchronicities sent by your guides. Hence this is more of a straight forward and grounded method of your guides to connect with you.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything! You can ask about your health, life purpose, career, children, or family. People also ask questions about the nature of reality, the cosmos, spirit guides, parallel realities, E.T.s, starseeds, past lives, law of attraction, abundance, etc. Remember these beings are not here to please you. They are here to tell the truth.

Are these benevolent entities?

Yes! They are high vibrational, non physical, extra dimensional beings who are either Gods, ascended masters or extra terrestrials who have traveled from the future or from a parallel universe. They are very advanced in science and spirituality.

I need more than 1 hour of private session

If you want more than 1 hour of private channeling, then please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Can I cancel or reschedule my session?

Yes you cancel the session at least 30 minutes before it begins and ask for a refunds. Cancellations after that are not eligible for refunds. No shows are also not eligible for refunds. We don't give refunds if you have attended the session. Upto one reschedule is allowed for paid sessions. If you still can't make it after one reschedule, your session will be canceled to free up the slots for others.

What our clients say...

"My 9 year old son has been struggling emotionally, and we weren’t clear as to why. Now it’s very clear to us which path to choose"

"Moumita’s channeling of Sirian guidance for me was encouraging, illuminating, and felt very grounded as well."

"They were very helpful in confirming my life path and involvement with the hybridisation programme."

Moumita Paul

Are you ready?

Embrace the opportunity to commune with enlightened beings.

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