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Please read this thoroughly and bring any questions or concerns to the attention of the intake interviewer. The details of the session are shared in the consent form.

  1. I understand that this session is absolutely private and confidential between me and my coach.
  2. I am fully aware that this session cannot be used or substituted as medical, therapy, health, or counseling advice.
  3. I agree that my reviews of the session(s) can be shared for marketing purposes of A Better Living on social media, website, and elsewhere.
  4. I agree to private sessions being recorded for learning & development purposes. Recordings will not be shared without the explicit consent of the attendee.
  5. I am aware and I have consented that video and audio recordings of the group sessions, webinars, or live workshops where I participated can be published on social media, youtube, etc. They can also be used for marketing purposes.
  6. Participants should not be drunk, nor they are allowed to take alcohol or take drugs before or during the sessions.
  7. I agree to not scream, abuse, or engage in any kind of uncivil or rude behavior before, during, or after the session.
  8. Moumita Paul and representatives appointed or employed by A Better Living reserve the right to the entry and expulsion of participants in individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, live events, webinars, etc upon unpleasant or disruptive conduct.
  9. Moumita Paul and ‘A Better Living’ will not be held liable for any kind of damage (e.g. mental, emotional, physical, property, etc) of any kind in or after this session.
  10. Moumita Paul and ‘A Better Living’ reserves the right to any material published, recorded, or distributed in this session. Those should not be used without explicit consent from Moumita Paul or employees or officially appointed representatives of ‘A Better Living’.
  11. I agree to report any person or organization pretending or representing Moumita Paul or ‘A Better Living’ and/or providing services/products/advice/sessions/coaching/talk sessions of any kind, without her or the company’s explicit consent.
  12. I agree that Moumita Paul, A Better Living, it’s officially appointed representatives and its employees have a right to refuse any service if I don’t fit their requirements at any given point in time. Any payments made towards unused sessions or services will be refunded, except for services that do not have any refunds (e.g. coaching packages).
  13. I agree that I have checked the cancellation and refund information before making any purchase. Cancellation and refund details can be found here.