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Emotional resilience is a way to bounce back to a positive mindset from an upsetting situation. Developing ‘Emotional resilience’ has been one of the most challenging yet satisfying exercises of my life. Stress was the most regular denominator that would plague me day after day over just one thing that didn’t go as per my expectation. It’s easy to say that don’t have any expectations to avoid disappointments. But how many people can actually do that successfully?

After doing a lot of research in science, spirituality, and psychiatry, I found 13 reasons why unsettling things can happen in our lives and how to manage our emotions in such a way so that we are not stressed for longer periods of time. We cannot avoid unexpected events upsetting us. But we can learn how to bounce back from it quickly. In part one of this video, I discuss the tools I use to manage my stress which could help you too. In the upcoming parts, I will share the 13 reasons in each part in greater detail.

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