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This transmission unlocks a groundbreaking message channeled from Archangel Michael, revealing the 7 SECRET Archangels shaping the destiny of your galaxy & your life.

They are NOT Uriel, Chamuel (Camael), Jophiel, or Zadkiel as mentioned in religious texts!

What makes this transmission different?

  • Forget what you thought you knew! 
    This isn’t your typical angel message. Discover the unique roles they play and how it affects you.
  • Galactic impact revealed! 
    Understand how these Archangels influence your life path and the well-being of our entire world. (This goes way beyond personal angels!)
  • Practical ways to connect to them! 
    Learn how to tap into their energy for greater growth and fulfillment. (No religious affiliation needed!)

Here’s a glimpse of the extraordinary:

  • Archangel Michael (you might know him!) –
    He’s not just about punishment. Discover his true role in cleansing and putting things back in place.
  • Archangel Gabriel (another familiar name!) –
    He goes beyond communication. Learn how he helps you connect and share information across the universe.
  • Archangel Raphael
    The ultimate healer, restoring balance and well-being.
  • (And 4 MORE revealed inside!)
    You’ve never heard of them and what they do! Discover these unseen forces guiding your abundance, emotions, and the very lifeblood of our galaxy.

Plus, learn:

  • Why do these 7 Archangels change every 50,000 years?
  • How these Archangels secretly influence your life path and fulfillment.
  • And also why they change the trajectory of the galaxy in the universe.
  • A practical “permission slip” to connect with them for specific help.
  • A symbol to connect with them to manifest your desires FASTER.

Get it now and start manifesting a life aligned with your desires!

P.S. This information is not found in any religious text! Be among the first to unlock this secret knowledge.

Questions answered in the transmission:

  1. What is the Holy Spirit? How do we learn more about it? Does anyone channel the Holy Spirit?
  2. Is Nicolas Tesla an ascended master?
  3. Have you been incarnated on Earth? If so, what was your main mission? Thereโ€™s also a belief that you were incarnated on Earth as Jesus Christ. Is this true?
  4. I had a contact dream where I saw a ship fairly close to the ground. It was a cube. It appeared greenish brown in color with round shapes on the sides of the ship. I saw this as I was awakening. And also heard a piece of a song I have never heard before. The lyrics were “I am having a terrible life.” The song sounded like a love song. Could you please tell me which race or collective this ship belongs to? What can I learn about this contact experience? What might the song mean in regards to myself and that contact event? Does anyone from this ship or collective wish to communicate with me?
  5. On 8 September, two fossil remains of an ancient human relative species Homo Naledi and Australopithecus Sediba were launched in a commercial spaceflight aboard Virgin Galactic’s spaceship VSS Unity. What reflection do you have on this?
  6. What if we have feelings of not feeling safe when following our bliss, and doing our best? It feels like we’ll get attacked, lose control, get humiliated, or embarrassed by others. I tell myself, I am not afraid of The Unknown. I am empowered. I am in control. Yet I still feel “unsafe.” Maybe I need to learn new skills, such as discovering and learning about healthy boundaries. and that is my main question. Can you help us with that?
  7. Guide me on how to use “sunflowers” to solve the problem of radioactive poisoning that exists in the surrounding environment… after a nuclear bomb explodes.  I realize that today’s world political situation is at risk of nuclear war, so I need your help on (nuclear detoxification with sunflowers)?

Unlock the Full Transmission To Harness The Power of Angels

Take a look at our galaxy’s trajectory! Get the 7 Archangel ‘Symbol’ to pray & meditate on. It also increases your manifestation speed!

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