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All those who have gone to counseling or psychotherapy would have heard from their therapist that “you are not your thoughts”. As per some studies conducted by psychologists from Queen’s University, we think an average of 6200 thoughts per day. So what are “thoughts” that we think all day long?

Let me share a little background as to why I am writing about it today before I dive deep into it. Somebody close to me was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) and was suffering from harm-inducing thoughts which were bothering them. That is when I heard for the first time from their therapist that our real “Self” was not our thoughts. Whatever we think is not the absolute truth. Our brain may be misled to generate “wrong thoughts”. Since then I have been researching what “thoughts” actually are and where do they come from.

What are thoughts? Where do they come from?

Thought is a specific, higher frequency of sound energy. And they are created by the minds of conscious beings like humans. There can be other forms of consciousness also that can create thoughts. But we will talk about it later. Anything that can “vibrate” is capable of creating sounds. If there is a medium like air, water, etc between the object vibrating and the human ear, we will be able to hear those vibrations as sounds. Thoughts have a very high frequency, and because of their strength, are capable of ‘creating things’ out of the ethereal fabric.

The ‘ethereal fabric’ is a higher dimensional substance (for a lack of a better word) that is made of everything in this universe – it has the all-knowing and all-encompassing oneness and contains every known thing we know in existence in it. Just like stem cells, anything and everything in this universe can be created from this ethereal fabric. It may not be detectable by 3-dimensional tools used by humans. Some would like to call this ethereal fabric ‘God’ or ‘Source’ because everything came into existence in this universe from it. However, I am not sure about how other universes in this multiverses are created yet. So I would refrain from equating ‘God/Source’ with this ethereal fabric.

For ordinary humans, the ethereal fabric is what we called “nothing”, because it cannot be defined or identified with anything we know. And it is present in a different state called ‘non-existence’. Just like solid, liquid, gaseous states of things exist in this universe, ‘existence’ and ‘non-existence’ are also ‘states’ of being. We only think that something ‘exists’ when it has a clear, defined, identifiable presence in this universe. However the opposite of existence- “non-existence” is also a form of presence that we living beings cannot relate with. So the ethereal fabric is present in this universe in a ‘non-existent’ or ‘nothing’ state.

Creation of things from thoughts or sound vibrations

Thoughts in action

How do things get created by thoughts? When thoughts are thought, the desire for that thing thought about is directed as the high and focused frequency of sound onto the ethereal fabric. So when we desire something, that thought creates an intense sound that disturbs that uniform ethereal fabric and breaks that thing into existence. It is the “disturbance” or vibrations created by a thought (sound) in that ethereal fabric that defines and separates the thing we are thinking about. Thoughts cause the ‘separation’ of the newly created object from the ethereal fabric. Hence that thing we thought about comes now into existence.

Once created, that ‘thing’ cannot go back and merge with the ethereal fabric, because the original condition required for it to dissolve into it disappears the moment it was born. That is how ‘beings’ (e.g. higher dimensional consciousness) and ‘things’ (e.g. planets, heavenly bodies) are created in the universe. Sounds like ‘Om’ was the first thought that brought ‘a divine consciousness’ (not exactly God/Source) into existence from this ethereal fabric. Scientists know this “coming of the universe into existence” as the Big Bang, but it is not so simple. Before it existed, this divine consciousness was an unidentifiable, inseparable part of the ethereal fabric, equivalent to nothing.

The divine consciousness came into existence by simply thinking about its separate, individual existence- “I” (Om). The Ego (“I”) is a unique, and identifiable identity. It is separate and different from “Others”. The Ego will do anything to remain in existence by maintaining its unique identity; i.e. not go back to the state of non-existence or the ethereal fabric. Differentiating the “I” from the ethereal fabric caused us to start ‘existing’- i.e. we converted from a state of ‘non-existence’ into ‘existence’. An analogy would like how ice melts into water, we were transferred from the state of “non-existence” into “existence”. Before everything was created, they were “One” with everything within the ethereal fabric, i.e. the non-existent state. So when our ‘life’ was ‘thought’ about, the necessary conditions to sustain life were also called into existence instantly.

So coming back to thoughts, any vibrations created in space can be converted into sounds, as long as there is a medium within which they can create waves. You will be able to hear the sounds of every vibration, including thoughts from any being, if you introduce the correct medium and equipment. For example, scientists were able to hear the sound of two black holes colliding using gravity as a medium.

Humans are imaginative creatures and we imagine so many things in our mind thinking they are not true. Well….whatever you are imagining is becoming true at that very moment, but just not visible to you. Your imaginations or thoughts are ‘real’ in this universe. If you are wondering where do these things created by ‘our’ thoughts or imagination go, remember there are other dimensions and multiverses where these could manifest.

These things that we create by our thoughts require constant fueling of energy to exist. So you need to constantly think about it for it to exist, or it will dissipate into ‘non-existence’. In case if you are thinking about something in this world, then you start attracting it towards you. This is how the “law of attraction” works. Anything you think about comes towards you. That is because your thoughts about it start to match the vibrations emitted by that object. And things and thoughts of the same vibrational frequencies tend to attract each other.

All about “Vibrations”

All things that ‘exist’ in this universe were created by this high-frequency sound energy (thoughts). The moment it separates from the ethereal fabric, it acquires new physical and chemical properties that are different from the fabric. And since sound is energy, to continue to exist, anything created by this ‘sound’ vibrates at a specific frequency. The moment it stops vibrating, it will go back to the ethereal fabric and lose its state of unique ‘existence’. Hence everything in existence that you see in this universe vibrates at a specific frequency.

We need to understand more about the “laws of vibrations”- which is the true nature of beings, and how the same vibrations attract each other. Or when two vibrations meet each other, how both of them try to synchronize their frequencies by changing their vibrations and becoming similar frequencies. Often the dominant or more powerful vibrations will force the lower vibrations to raise their frequencies and match them when they are close to each other.

We were created from the ethereal fabric when a ‘divine consciousness’ thought about us. So any living consciousness in this universe is capable of creating ‘thoughts’ or bringing new vibrations into existence. And these thoughts influence one another. So if multiple people in the same place are thinking the same thought, all those thoughts will attract each other (due to the similarity of vibrations) and combine to become one big thought cloud. That one thought will become a being of its own and start to exist in this reality and attract more thoughts of the same vibration in this reality.

Influence of vibrations on existence

Your thoughts influence your own body’s vibrations. This concept is heavily researched upon and explained in the book called Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose. If you are thinking positively, it positively affects your body. If you are thinking of some negative core beliefs constantly day after day (e.g. god doesn’t want me to be happy, why does this shit always happen with me-may be I am unlucky, etc), they negatively influence your body.

Thinking about something does create it from the ethereal fabric. But unless the vibrations of the thought are constantly fueled, it will dissipate into nothing. That is why I have started the “A better living” podcast to encourage thinking positive thoughts about yourself by loving yourself, removing resistance, and managing your life in such a way so that it reduces stress and improves the quality of your thoughts. You have no idea how powerful thoughts and beliefs are and how they can influence your life. There is phenomenal work done by other teachers, authors in this field of self-love and healing. Their approaches are different, but they attack the same idea of managing and healing your thoughts. The books that transformed my life in this journey of spiritual awakening are – Shadows Before Dawn, Completion Process, Loving What Is, and Metaphysical Anatomy.

To exist, we must burn energy to maintain our vibrations. As living beings, we are constantly producing energy by food and air consumption so that we can maintain our state of existence or vibrations. For something to exist in this universe – it has to vibrate and retain that vibration continuously by consuming energy. Mass is nothing but energy in a super-condensed form. This is demonstrated by Einstein’s famous formula – E = mc2. This formula says that mass and energy are interchangeable under specific circumstances. We can deduce that to exist and hence maintain their vibrations, solid, non-living objects are constantly consuming the energy from their masses. It is converting its mass into energy by constantly vibrating. And that energy is used for its existence.

Non-living objects require very little energy to vibrate and exist. So the decay of mass into energy happens at a very, very slow and minuscule amount. If you measure the original mass of an object, it will not be the same after a long time. That is because it lost some of its mass in the form of energy while trying to maintain its vibrational existence.

Fraction of mass lost in nuclear fission is converted into energy

I want to conclude today’s topic with this – there is a lot to know about how human minds work, what is the fundamental definition of existence, etc. I know a lot of the things you read in the article are new to you. In my upcoming articles, I will go deeper into this topic of thoughts, as and when I find some good examples to explain complicated concepts like the “laws of vibrations”, etc.

To be honest I have to give credit where it is due. While most people who access Akashic records usually access them for spiritual reasons, I found the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones (MTLO) to be the source of advanced scientific knowledge and technology. My MTLOs are from Andromeda and guided by Archangel Michael. I am an Andromedan Starseed and those who don’t know these concepts can read about it here. So I asked my MTLOs this question as to what is a thought. Whatever I am writing in this post is the answer that they have given.

I was always a student and lover of science. And after my spiritual awakening, I realized that science and spiritualism are no different. Both the subjects unite in their meaning when you have advanced far enough in either. Science on earth would probably require 1000 more years to reach the kind of advancement that has been reached by other star races (i.e. aliens who live in other galaxies).

There are so many ways to expand our knowledge and propel us fast towards scientific advancements. Understanding and deciphering spiritual doctrines (not religious ones) would be a great start for science to advance quickly towards understanding the universe and how it works. Another shortcut to advance Science on this earth would be to connect with aliens from other galaxies and learn from them. Accessing Akashic Records is another method. The spiritual teacher and my favorite person, Teal Swan, claims that out-of-body experiences can also lead you to whatever knowledge you seek. Whatever be the source of knowledge, as long as it is the source of truth and can be backed up by evidence, should suffice.