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Ask your questions to the beings I channel! I am taking your questions again after pausing it for 6 months. šŸ˜ƒ Submit your questions as comments on this post. It will be answered in the upcoming transmission.

The topic of upcoming transmission + Announcements

Watch the video for more details. Below are the timestamps of the key things discussed in the video.

Key Topics & Timestamps of the video

00:03 – 1st Announcement: I am accepting questions from the audience (You) 

00:19 – Where to submit your questions 

00:40 – Submission deadline

00:49 – Type of questions you can ask that will get picked

1:05 – Format of the upcoming transmission where your question will be answered

1:18 – Where to purchase the transmission when it is released

1:32 – 2nd Announcement: New video series on self-development & spiritual growth

1:50 – Why I am creating videos on personal development?

2:23 – Upcoming transmission topic (Balancing Divine love, light & power) for which you can submit your question

2:59 – Channeling Archangel Michael who gives an intro on the topic

4:12 – What is divine love, light, and power and why do you need to balance it?

4:50 – Beings who represent the divine love, light & power aspect

5:40 – Challenges that happen when you are missing the divine power aspect

6:28 – Challenges that happen when you are missing the divine love aspect

7:09 – Challenges that happen when you are missing the divine light aspect

7:05 – Benefits of balancing these 3 aspects

Links mentioned in the video: 

My shop link: https://shop.abetterliving.co/channeled-videos 

Email: [email protected] 

My podcast link: https://abetterliving.co/a-better-living-podcast/  

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