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“Your biggest enemy is time. You cannot travel as humans in a spacecraft to the other corner of the universe because by the time you reach,  your crew will be dead. 

So how do you travel and explore the universe without being affected by time, or space for that matter?

Well, once you understand the location of your solar system in the body of the universe (which is a Torus), you can  calculate the distance from the center and also location from other universes, other black holes and everything.  Once you have an idea of mapping from this point  and once you know the trajectory towards  which your solar system as a whole is moving, the sun and your planets, you can calculate the relative distances. And the appropriate gain or reduction of the distance along with the movement with other galaxies and Milky Ways and solar systems so as to speak. 

Once you have good range of these distances calculated, then you can jump across dimensions. In other words, short circuit different parts of the universe because now you know the locations or the locational variables of where and what is located, which would assist you in space travel when you wish to travel to other planets and solar systems. 

Jumping dimensions require you to understand the vibrations, the energetic nature of this universe. This universe is made up of energy. Everything is made up of energy. And what you consider solidness is an illusion created within your higher self bubble. 

Your biological eyes have been implanted with certain beliefs systems that make you see the energetic nature as solid, when it’s not.

So since everything is energy and energies have certain vibrational quality to it, if you understand what are the components of everything that exists (which are energetic and nature), then you will also understand that everything exists in a specific location of the universe. 

So the locational variable is a component of everything that exists, wherever it exists, even when it is moving.

The second thing is knowing the time variable because in higher dimension, the time doesn’t exist, neither does space. Different time periods are existing in different dimensions. 

So location is one variable, which includes the variable of time, which dimension is it in? There are infinite number of dimensions and different dimensions can coexist together in the same space and time because they are not occupying the same space and time. So how do you do space travel? “

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