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We (Mary Magdalene & the water elemental collective) are going to talk about the 4012 species of water elementals. I will have assistants here from the elementals and a few ascended masters. So it’s just not going to be me. It’s going to be a collective with me.ย 

Now, if you are wondering why we are talking about the water elementals at this point,  Humans have grown very fond of animals on Earth right now, and it is time for you to embrace the non-physical beings too. So, hereby I am educating all of you about all the non-physical beings that exist. The others have already described the earth elementals and air elementals.  And I’m going to talk about the water because water is related to emotion. 

The water, elementals reside in water. All kinds of water, still water, moving water, ocean lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls.  And sometimes if you have large water bodies in your house, like a pool which does not have harmful chemicals in it, or a small pond, then in those too. 

All the harmful chemicals you put in the water harm the elemental, so those pools will not have them. 

Your private pools will not have them because those are not habitable by them. 

The water elementals, just by their presence, create an atmosphere inside the water kingdom that thrives and allows survival of the kingdom. All the water animals and plants. You could say the water elementals create different effects in water. 

They increase the conductivity of water in certain areas. Some water elementals increase the conductivity so that certain kinds of life that need specific gravity and specific temperatures and specific alkalinity or acidity in the water or specific electromagnetic fields in water can survive. 

The water and the huge water bodies on Earth are Earth’s emotions. And as you can see, 70 percent of  Earth’s body is covered in water just like 70 percent of the human body is water because you are all emotional beings

So, the water elementals manage the emotions of Earth by maintaining balance.  There are those… Who regulates how much oxygen and other gaseous content will be absorbed in water.  Some keep the water clean and free of all the negative programs that are emitted into water by humans, either through speech or other chemicals or any other kind of harmful pollution.. 

All the life in water hasn’t collapsed yet because these water elementals are constantly working behind the scenes, but they can only do so much. 

Some of those that are living near human civilizations have already died out.  So this transmission is a call for help, to help them not only do their jobs. But so that you can befriend them and use them in your daily life.  You can do some specific tasks with their help if you’re involved in any kind of work with the water.

If you’re a sailor or if you’re a scientist or if you are a watsu massage therapist, no matter what your profession or your hobby is, if it involves water, you can seek help from the water elementals.  Because water balances your emotions as well as Earth’s.  

So, when humans or animals who are not used to the water, swim in the water, the โ€˜Emotional temperatureโ€™ of the water, balances the emotional temperature of the body because your body is also water. And water from the water body that you are in, be it a pool or a lake or a pond or an ocean, enters your body through osmosis. 

So whatever the contents are in the ocean, or the pond or a lake or river that you are in also influences your body and balances your body.  So, get as much dip as you can in such open water bodies of course with safety precautions and after checking thorough cleanliness. Do not dirty the water with soap and other harmful chemicals.

Simply take a regular bath without anything in water.  For not more than 15 minutes. That would not only save water that is wasted when you take a bath in your bathrooms as they are put to the drain and comes out as dirty water. It will also cleanse your body. So it’s a win-win. Also, when you take a bath in open water bodies, it allows you to get in touch with the marine life and also the works of the water elementals. 

So, we are going to talk about different kinds of water elementals that are available in the water what they do, and how you can use them or connect with them. With your permission, you’ll be connecting with the water elementals and heightening your intuition through the water dragon light activation. 

I have the help of a water dragon who is going to do the light language activation for those who are listening to this transmission. 

Water indicates fluidity.  So those who are very rigid in their point of view,  or those who are very stubborn or obstinate, or those who have difficulty letting go, can take regular baths and dips in oceans or ponds or lakes or rivers or waterfalls if there is any nearby. If you don’t have it, then you can take baths in bathtubs where you immerse yourself in water.

And you can program the water with more love before you take the dip in the bath.ย  So we are going to go into much more detail and all the ways you can bring in the energies and the magic of water elementals in your life and befriend them.

Questions asked in the session:

  1. You said that we are 70 percent water and the water is representing emotion. So the rest 30% would be the more dense material in our body. What is that 30 percent representing?
  2. Why is it so much water? Why is it so important that it’s more water than the other elements?
  3. So in terms of levitation, would emotion be that conductivity to speak with that object and make a request for it to move in that sense? Is that how you levitate something like a object?
  4. So, is it right to feel emotions all the time? Is logic more important than emotions? And how to bring the balance?
  5. How can males heal their emotions?
  6. So I would like to ask about Antarctic. There’s a lot of ice melting. And would that also mean that there is a lot of release of emotions that is being released from that ice that is melting?And if so, what type of emotion is being held there? And how will it, how will it affect us?
  7. I have two ponds and one of them I noticed my ducks and geese don’t really like to swim in it. The pond was used for people shooting guns. And I think that there are some bullets that are in the water. And because it’s a pond, there’s no way that I’m going to be able to find them to remove them. And I didn’t know if it was possible for me to try to activate the water myself, with loving energy and ask like the water dragon or an elemental to help me clean it up. Is it possible?
  8. So how do I activate the water to help me if, if I’m using warm water?
  9. Can you please comment as to what we should expect with respect to coming Earth changes? There are many reports of an imminent magnetic pole shift brought about by a solar micronova. They say that there is going to be massive flooding and massive loss of life. Thank you kindly.
  10. I am impatient in regards to my progress as a trance medium. Any suggestions on how to speed up the progress? (I know I need to practice, but besides that ). Thanks in advance.
  11. How will the following 12 months for our earth be like?
  12. Is Moon artificial, and if so, who made it?
  13. Dragons have lived on earth before as a physical beings? So the humans were mean to them and try to kill them in a sense because they were scared. Is that why they disappeared?
  14. I read a book about the inner earth, about it being their own kingdom there, and that some dragons that reside inside of Earth. Can you make a comment on that?
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