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About the session:

Most of you have a confused understanding of dimensions and densities, and we are going to clear that. By dimensions we mean 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension and so on. Mostly because we want you to become aware of your other-worldly presence in those densities and dimensions so that you awaken to your full potential that you exist in other dimensions. This will encourage you to awaken to the possibilities of astral travel and remote viewing, telepathy and all other psychic perceptions because when you realize how these dimensions work, then it becomes very easy for you to connect how information is flowing to you and also to others, even if they’re separated by vast distances.

Imagine our reality like an iceberg, where the tip we can see represents the 3D world we live in. However, beneath the surface, there are hidden dimensions (4D, 5D, etc.) that we often overlook. These dimensions have unique properties and ways of experiencing reality.

To better understand this concept, think of our existence like a multi-layered skin. The outermost layer represents the physical body (3D), but there are inner layers to that such as the emotional aura, mental aura, and the soul (4D, 5D, etc.). Each layer is a dimension by itself and interconnected and affects how we experience life.

As we strive for spiritual growth, we seek to explore and understand these hidden dimensions. By cultivating positivity and letting go of negativity, we become lighter and more in tune with higher dimensions. This journey allows us to shift from being limited and dense in 3D to experiencing a more expanded and aware reality in higher dimensions. Embracing this process helps us connect with our inner self and the greater universe beyond what we can see with our physical senses.

Questions asked by the audience:

1. What should I do to lose weight, effectively, and dramatically?

2. I saw three beings. Who were they?

3. I practice the Nomura Lemurians therapy every day to access and heal my past self and inner child. Am I on the right track?

4. I’ve heard that the Oversoul is located in the 7th density, so are the Arcturians in a higher dimension than the Oversoul?

5. Moving to higher dimensions means a higher frequency body, will we gain extra senses above our current 5?

Who are the Arcturian Council?

The Arcturian Council of Seven are 9th dimensional, non-physical, extra-terrestrials who once lived in the constellation of Arcturus. Now a majority of their civilization lives in their mothership, which is as big as our moon. They look all the same and have different councils connecting to different channelers. They are currently hovering over Sedona, Arizona in their invisible ships and monitoring Earth. They help humans who are ready to spiritually ascend and prepare them for open contact with E.T.s. They are also Moumitaโ€™s spirit guides and are the embodiment of unconditional love.

What is vocal channeling?

My eyes are closed because I am in a trance state whereby I am channeling the group of 7 Arcturians. In vocal channeling, a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words.

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