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Message from the Archangel:
There are many humans who are resistant to the idea of God, and angels, and deny our presence because of how humans have distorted our messages over time and of various religious propaganda. A lot of humans have lost faith in God.

Unlike other channelers who speak about spiritual growth, we would like to tell you that personal development is also a path to spiritual growth. Self-love is also a path to spiritual growth. Because when you know yourself, then you know others. And then you know Source (God, All that is), because you are the Source, and Source is you. There is no separation.

Hence, we shall talk about how and why therapy is important for most humans on Earth right now. Because most of you are familiar with this form of personal development. It is also more accessible and more relatable without you having to believe in God. So, God wants you to know yourself because knowing yourself is knowing God. So, if you do not believe in God, God will come to you and help you in whichever way you want to believe in higher consciousness.

And if that is through knowing yourself more deeply and accepting yourself wholly, then so be it.

We came here to specifically endorse This path of spiritual growth and development, hence we come through this channel for this is a lesser-known path and we want to make it known. So that you can raise your vibration just by loving and accepting all parts of you that you have disowned and you are not even aware of, which is lying in darkness in your subconscious or unconscious.

Now it’s time to get in touch with your subconscious or unconscious and become a fully developed human.

Questions asked by the audience:

1. Do we need to go to someone else? To work on our self-healing. Or am I able to do it with the help of my Higher Self inner spiritual guides angels, and the Source?

2. I do have a question regarding our archangels able to physically interfere in our reality, for example, to save someone from physical danger.

3. Is it true that we have each one of us a guardian angel? We hear that a lot when growing up.

4. Bashar said that the Archangel was the first diffenciation of the Source. Do they have a soul and a ego like us?

5. Is it possible for us to be reincarnated as Archangels?

6. I had a question about what density or dimension are you from?

7. Are you aligned with a particular area within Our Galaxy or Beyond all of that? In terms of reality structure.

8. Would I eventually merge into what I would consider to be my astral body? That if we continue on this path and become more of who we truly are… Is that possible in this life?

9. Do you specifically serve other civilizations, too? For example, the Sirius and Arcturians or do you serve only humans?

10. How are the shifting of the magnetic North and South Pole impacting the Earth and all living beings on it? This moving of the magnetic field is impacting the human in what way? When will the magnet North and South Pole stop shifting?

11. Bashar says that we are indestructible infinite beings. But what about our bodies? Are our bodies indestructible too? Can our hearts be broken? And if so, then, can we still continue living afterward?

12. Does a fully open heart chakra dissipate our traumas (if we work only on our heart chakra)? or are there other chakras that we have to work on?

13. I’d like to know whether my children can ask for help when they need it. Even though they have no understanding, I had no teaching about religion, They are aged, six and eight. Should we as parents tell them to ask for help from angels?

14. Is there a book that parents could read or tell kids to understand how to understand this?

15. If I tell my child has been helped by an angel, does not take away some of his power.

16. Are angels able to incarnate here on earth?

17. How can we have more conscious communications with angels? Can you share a permission slip on that?

18. I used to see Buddha in my dreams often when I was young. But I stopped seeing that when I started going to high school. Is there a particular purpose? Why I had those dreams when I was younger?

19. What would be your reflection on how to deal with the more sticky situations that perhaps are more complicated to get out of because responsibility (like family, & commitments, etc)?

20. How would you suggest that we embrace the negative in my perspective? To actually go through the emotion and welcome it. Rather than pushing away.

21. I had an event where I went through what we call negative emotion. And I felt it, I went through the emotion. But this time what was different is that I did not react. So will that be a process of actually going through?

22. Can angels help me with daily decisions? If so, how do I go about asking? How to Know which Angel to Ask and how do I get the answer?

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