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I channeled the Arcturian Council. While channeling, I enter into an altered state of mind and bring through the wisdom of the beings. What you hear are not my words, but that of the being’s.

Message from the Arcturian Council:

In this transmission, we (Arcturian Council) are going to talk about various ways you can prepare for open contact. What is an ‘open contact’? An ‘open contact’ means meeting somebody physically face to face. And when we say open contact with us, we don’t mean only us. We also mean other extraterrestrial species, Hybrid children, and other beings.

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Questions asked by the live audience:

– Are there any other ways we can work on this fear of aliens that we all carry here? Any other tips that we could do?

– I can sometimes see elementals, like little beings or fairies. Does that mean that when I’m able to do that, am I in the fourth density or did they show themselves to me?

– Some people having sort of decided to have open contact fairly soon, is this a theme or decision that is made at higher Level higher self level or soul level?

– So I kind of had a first meeting with the Yahyel family about a year and a half, two years ago, um, where I sort of saw initially one being in a sort of semi-translucent state. is that indicative of, as far as the Yahyel as a species are concerned, me being sort of close enough to be able to have contact with them when the time’s right.

– I am feeling static electricity-like sensations around my body when I wake up. What is happening?

– Can we focus on our heart chakra using a technique like breathing or visualization or simply just putting our hand on our heart chakra…Will that match to your frequency or do I still need to do the trauma clearing coaching techniques?
how important is sort of diet in relation to raising our vibration?

– Will contact really come individually, and ultimately spread to what we would call governments at this time?

– The spaceships, as my understanding is the higher dimension civilizations, can materialize themselves, made visible. So they don’t really necessarily need a spaceship to be here in this dimension, is that correct? So is the craft materialized for our own purpose?

– The family members that have passed recently, will they be affected by the open contact as well?

– Could you tell me how much Psilocybin can help humans to raise their frequency, or our frequency?

– Am I speaking to the consciousness of the psilocybin, you know, the mushrooms itself?

– So I have, I had one experience where I, uh, was, you know, exploring with the magic mushrooms and I was about to go to sleep and I was meditating my bed once. And as I closed my eyes, they were next to me, and they took me to this travel in the mycelium network under the earth. What was that?

– I had a dream about being on a spaceship with my 9 year old daughter. I felt fear but my daughter was singing and whistling. Would you say that that was extraterrestrial beings testing my frequency or something like that?

– I had an experience of beings levitating me out of my body just when I was about to fall asleep and spinning me in the air. What was happening?

– One other question, um, as our society evolves, kind of into open contact and beyond, do you foresee that what we would now see as our prison services across the world will really morph and change into correctional facilities?

– I’m assuming that when we raise our vibration, there will be no more secret keeping here and the earth?

– how should we be preparing for the arrival of extra-terrestrials in the next 5 years?

– Is Elon Musk working with the Orion and annunaki regarding the cerebral chip?

– There is talk of a silicon body and a crystalline body. What is that about?

– How is barefoot walking most spiritually and physically effective? Do we have to walk to absorb a lot of vital elements? How about just keeping our bare feet on the ground in nature or doing the 7171 breathing method to absorb more vital elements?

– What are the benefits to me of walking barefoot in a city riverside park? How is barefoot walking most spiritually and physically effective?

– Can you share more ways of raising our frequency?

– I would be interested in hearing more about why the feeling of unworthiness is so deeply ingrained in humans. Is it because we need it to overcome in order to grow? Or for other reasons?

– You mentioned the hybrid children being silicon-based will have different powers, and different aspects. Will we get those when we move our frequency to the fourth and fifth dimensions?

– Will the Arcturians come in a later time on Earth?

Do you have a burning question?

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