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Summary: This session is more going to be about us (Archangel Michael). We are the most misunderstood species of beings.

This topic is going to be about who we are, what we do, where we originate from, and what role we have with humans.

Questions asked:

  1. If you interact with a human being in the third dimensional reality. What is your experience of that, for example, for us? Because we’re creating our own reality? We have the illusionary sense of physicality around us. But how would you if you kind of come close to us? How would you experience us?
  2. What is your experience of polarity? How do you relate with the idea of polarity? I guess the question coming from the point of view of how you relate to, or how you, how you discern at your level of existence.
  3. But you have preferences right? Like, over one decision over something else happening.
  4. What do you relate as the fallen angels as recorded in the Bible?
  5. Why did Christianity, or religious in general use the angels and archangel so strongly in the books or holy books? And were they in a sort of more open communication with the angels at that point.
  6. How did the humans know that they were the archangels or angels, or instead of just a spiritual guide?
  7. Are you Archangels evolving?
  8. I wonder how that happens. So, for example, you are Archangel Michael. So eventually someone else will come on your place and be our Archangel Michael! And you will be something else. Is that how evolved?
  9. is it right to say, or is that a misunderstanding to say that there hierarchy in the angelic kingdom?
  10. Do angels or archangels have a kind of code, in a sense, how to deal and when to do things, or how far they can go when assisting us. To avoid circumventing free will. I ask this because other Ets, interacting with our society at the moment, have communicated that they’re being careful to avoid infringing our free will due to past experiences with the anarchy visits to our planet. And I just wondered how you view free will in terms of your interactions with us.
  11. Is that the same methodology used to help a collective? whether it’s humanity, or the Arcturians, or Andromedans, or whatever these are vibrational reactions, just like you understand, chemical reactions in the bodies where certain charges create the sense of motion.
  12. So how do you help a collective? How how do you assist them? Do they have they called for your help.
  13. If religion is mostly crap that is meant to control us, what is truth? Arch Angel’s really do exist. Great. What is their true mission and purpose? Do all the other types of angels also exist? What is their true mission and purpose? I would like the real story. Many of us were cornered and tricked into religion or had it beat into us. Many obviously turned away from it all and called it all bullshit. Arch angels exist. Cool. What and who actually truly exists from the Bible and religions. What is their mission and purpose. Huge question that would take forever to answer. But this is how this rolls out for me. I would like the frame work explained to me; the true history if you will.
  14. Melinda: Here on earth we are faced with limiting beliefs, polarity, emotions. Our task is to integrate and expand through it. But all you higher dimensional being have your wise answers and advices for us that means you all have overcome our type of challenges. So I would be curious to know what kind of challenges you have, what is the “meaning of existence” for you, dear Friends?
  15. Would you please give us some specific ways that angel’s or archangel help humans? Do you give us an inspiration? Or do you send the the person to help us like physically. Can you materialize yourself physically, temporarily, to to help us out in a in a situation?
  16. How do we ask for help from angels?
  17. Could I ask the angel to just then help me become aware of my negative beliefs. Would that be something that I can?
  18. Are there any beings or group of beings there are closely working with the archangels?
  19. You say that we’re all made of love? How does that appear to you as compared to the human one, which is fairly well physical for something to call it. What does that actually mean? Is it an energy, a consciousness?
  20. Does that frequency of love have consciousness? is there a differentiation or an association with that concept? I’m just sort of trying to link consciousness and frequency together, then define your understanding of consciousness
  21. So is that right to say that non-existence holds existence?
  22. Who is archangel Metatron?
  23. Would you suggest any specific source of information to learn about angels? If someone wishes to.
  24. Would it be accurate to say that metatron sits outside of the universe?
  25. Are there any other beings that are similar to yourselves, that kind of perform a similar role. But to multiple universes a level up from an individual one?
  26. Is there a specific kind of name within humanity that could perhaps be given to that level of consciousness?
  27. The violet flame is something that is being taught as a sort of higher dimensional healing modality. Is that something that is sort ofย  the angelic realm?
  28. Do you have archangels outside the universe that help you. Just like you’re helping us.
  29. So who helps metatron?
  30. Does that mean there’s all levels of help right back to source?
  31. But how do you interact with the God of this universe?
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