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About the session:

HOD addresses the concerns about the environmental crisis on Earth, including global warming, pollution, and toxins in food and water. HOD explains that individuals have control over their own reality and can shift to a parallel version of Earth by shifting their beliefs and keeping their thoughts and souls clean. HOD advises keeping the immediate environment physically and energetically clean, such as by practicing cleanliness habits, using technologies for physical cleansing, and engaging in energy healing practices. He emphasizes the significance of mindful thoughts and emotions, highlighting their influence on manifestation and the importance of thought mastery. And shows us how to do it at the end with the permission slip. The permission slip will also help those who have insomnia and restlessness at night.

Questions asked by the audience:

1. In 1999, my country was bombed by NATO, we depleted, uranium, and ever since then cancer rate among the population, jumps, over 60%. Is there any way how we can clean our bodies and the earth’s ground itself from this kind of poisoning?

2. I have a question about moon energy, which I’ve heard from Many people is good for cleansing items such as crystals. What is the quality of this energy in particular and how does it work to kind of cleanse?

3. I heard that a very very long time ago, in ancient, Egypt, or even Atlantean times, There was special technology used to gather cosmic energy, which could be used for positive means to assist spiritual development. I was just curious about the method of collecting the energy.

4. I live in Africa when it comes to technology and even the knowledge that we learn in school and in universities, we seem to be behind. What do we, as a mass continent of people, need to focus on so that we can develop as people first? And then start to develop technologies and innovations that can help our economies to grow.

5. Again related to Africa and the people of Africa, are there in-built skills or gifts that Africans aren’t tapping into to develop faster?

6. It’s Regarding the covid- pandemic- these vaccines that people took were they safe?

7. I think across the world, energy and electricity are becoming problems and what are the different affordable solutions that we can look at that can solve this problem?

8. I was born as a female and I wanted to ask you, what does divine feminine Or what are the feminine qualities that are really useful for females and also for the world? What makes one element a feminine element? Then a masculine element and what is the value of that? how would you describe that feminine?

9. Can sound be used as healing technology in the coming years?

10. This ‘Healy’ machine from Germany has been used for curing Diseases. So what is the maximum level of frequency vibration that can be generated by Healy? And does Healey work on removing chronic pathology like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc?

11. I am using copper utensils to generate different sound frequencies. So any differences between copper and aluminum? If I’m using it, which one is better?

12. Are there any other things also apart from copper and aluminum? Which can be used for sound healing?

13. So, nowadays we all have a phone with us and, earbuds and computers, I want to know, are those electronics contributing to pollution? Are they interfering with our thoughts? Is there a way that we can minimize there?

14. There was a time when the earth was covered with ice. At the time, the creatures and animals were huge. Is it due to the Ice blocking influence from space or because of genes? And now, there are many farmers- They use coiled, copper wire antenna, electricity, or many other tools to have their farm increase production. Are these related?

15. Do you have any further instructions to increase the production of agricultural products without using pesticides?

16. If copper has energizing elements for the human body how can we use copper for that?

17. I have the Lemurian plug. It has electronic components. Does it have other side effects if used inside the copper pyramid for meditation?

18. What does the Copper Pyramid is good for?

19. How effective is this spooky 2 device and is it the future of medicine?

20. Between Base 10 and Base 12, math, which base is suitable for technology development, and energy development. I find it attractive to Base 12 math because there are many Asian ancient habits and cultures of my Ethnic group, I speak of Base 12. I am adding a descendant of Angkor Vat.

21. Can you tell me how Angkor Vat was built? What civilization built it?

22. Any energetic breathing practice which will increase the energy?

Who is HOD?

HOD is the keeper of technology and an ancient, archetypal entity that governs technological development on planet Earth. To him, even our bodies are a technology that the soul uses to experience who it is. HOD mainly wishes to educate us on technology and to use it as a tool for spiritual ascension. They wish to help us overcome our fears of technology and use technology in all aspects of life for betterment like personal development, improving relationships with family and others, work, health, spirituality & ascension, etc.

What is vocal channeling?

My eyes are closed because I am in a trance state whereby I am channeling this entity named HOD. In vocal channeling a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words.

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