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Channeling Yeshua: Holy Trinity is NOT The Father, Son & Holy Spirit!

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The holy trinity is not what you think. And guess who came to explain that? Yeshua! The one who is often represented as the ‘Son’ in the holy trinity. The ‘Son’ decided to clarify that he isn’t part of the holy trinity. 😄 And yes, I channeled Yeshua publicly for the first time!

Listen to this transformative channeling session with Yeshua as he reveals the deeper truth behind the Holy Trinity. It is not the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit! 😳

Discover why the traditional narrative may not be what you’ve always believed and how understanding this can profoundly shift your perspective on yourself and the world around you.

In this session, Yeshua delves into the balance of masculine and feminine energies, the significance of duality, and the importance of questioning historical narratives to uncover deeper truths. This enlightening transmission will challenge your beliefs and invite you to explore new perspectives on spirituality and existence.

Key Takeaways: –

  • Gain insights into the true nature of the Holy Trinity and its relevance in modern spirituality.
  • Learn the true story of Adam & Eve and how it was not what we know of.
  • Explore the balance of masculine and feminine energies within yourself and the world.
  • Learn how questioning historical narratives can lead to personal and collective transformation.
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