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In this transmission, Archangel Michael talks about four of the 3,983 species of air elementals. They go into great detail about what those 4 species do – like governing atmospheric pressure, gas mix, sound frequencies, etc. The full transmission also includes a permission slip to connect with these elementals at the end.


We (Archangel Michael) are going to talk about the air elementals because we have often been mistaken to look like them. The winged guardians that you have always depicted with wings as angels are not angels. We don’t have wings, even though we understand the wings are symbolic of us being able to move anywhere. We became traditionally associated with wings, whereas it is the Air Elementals who have wings.

And they can materialize and dematerialize if they wish to.

We are going to talk about the air elementals because it is important for you to understand how they play a key role in your atmospherics.

The air elementals maintain the balance of oxygen and other gases required for different species on your planet. Oxygen is not the only gas that is required for survival. It’s important for humans and mammals, but not all species. So the air elementals maintain the balance of air pressure, air moisture, and air temperature in different regions.

The most common type of air elementals are Elefinas. Not elves, but Elefinas. This is the name of a specific species of air elemental that maintains the air moisture, temperature, wind, and pressure in general and all the gaseous content in some specific area. There are different types of Elefinas and they consume all the excesses of energies and also the unwanted gases to maintain the balance. They don’t have any fixed diet per se. They consume whatever is required to maintain balance. And they are most affected by your cars and air pollution. Because they are not able to thrive and sometimes even survive in your major cities because of that.

Cities that have the highest pollution are where very few Elefinas remain. Most of them have moved out to suburbs or towns and villages because they cannot counter human pollution. During the COVID times, they had returned to many cities and restored some balance to some extent. But, the pollution is back.

Then there are other elementals, air elementals, like the Ufufas who maintain the balance of the vitality globules (prana) in every region, which is essential for all beings.

They absorb all stress energies and create more vitality globules. And they are working non stop and they are really getting burned out In your cities because of all the stress that people are experiencing especially since COVID. You could say they are working overtime To preserve Earth’s balance

And another species of Elementals – The Rafeeks can be messengers for different species because they can teleport to any part of the world.

So they work more as monitors and silent observers of different things.

Some air elementals may appear wisp-like or smoke-like and may disappear. They can move through the air because they have wings. They don’t have any nests in the tree, but they have nests in different dimensional pockets of Mother Earth.

They are again capable of traveling inter-dimensionally.

We will also talk about the air elementals that transmit sound frequencies, generate fragrance in collaboration with the plants, etc. Unlike what you know, the sound is not transmitted by the compression of air. It is transmitted by these air elementals and they can be taken to Space to hear sound.

We are going to talk about the Air Elementals so that you understand your responsibility towards them and how you can help them to balance Earth and yourselves.

Permission Slip:

We will show you how to connect with the Air elementals towards the end of the session.

Questions asked by the audience:

  1. Could the air elementals lead to future technologies for humans?
  2. Are they like an evolution from an earlier form of consciousness?
  3. The First Nation people could influence weather patterns on Earth. Could they be having some sort of connection with Mother Earth & the air elementals?
  4. Would there be any time when humans might consciously or unconsciously work with the elementals, perhaps more consciously, any times that might happen?
  5. How do these air elementals multiply themselves or procreate?
  6. Were they created from Gaia?
  7. So when we breathe, do they come inside our bodies?
  8. If a human is practicing pranayama or some pranic breathing exercises in order to enliven the human body and for other spiritual purposes, what kind of interaction might there be on a conscious or unconscious level with the air elementals?
  9. Do they perform any sort of different functions according to the density or pressure of the air? What about water, like air contained within water, say in the sea?
  10. My question relates to the sound geometry that you mentioned. Um, what shape is it? Those geometrical shapes of sound- are they created by the elemental’s bodies?
  11. Can we use sound as propulsion? Like a means of moving a vehicle or levitating or something like that?
  12. So how many harmonics would they need to levitate an object? Would you be working in the second, third, fourth, fifth harmonic or? How far do you need to go?
  13. So if I tone my voice using harmonics, then I can levitate my physical body?
  14. So then, You were saying that music, harmonious music nurtures the air elementals. Is there a more effective way to create that?
  15. And what I mean by that is you’ve got different instruments, obviously with different harmonic content, and you also have different tunings from the West to say the Oriental to the Asian music.
  16. In terms of tuning, I prefer minor tunings across a broad range of music. Is that still limiting per se? I find it very nurturing, I find I go into a lovely space.
  17. Do Earth elementals have any kind of connection with or communication with other planets across space or dimensions?
  18. So, could humans use that to their advantage to perhaps link across to other versions where we might have, for example, a clearer climate and to pass information across to assist in that process?
  19. Are humans in touch with these elementals unconsciously in their sleep?
  20. Can you give me an example of how consciously the communication could be received?
  21. What is the relationship between the archangels and the elementals?
  22. Do these elementals play a role in the spiritual realm? Are they still doing something in that realm? Like when we die, are they active there too?
  23. There is a movie that just came out called The Elementals. Is there anything you can say about this movie?
  24. So when a sound healing session is happening, are the elementals playing the purpose of the healing? Does the sound healing provide a sort of healing that no other technique can provide?
  25. You talked about sound waves in particular. How do they control electromagnetic waves as well? For example, when you have radio transmissions and so on, do they affect them or carry those frequencies the same as they do acoustic frequencies?
  26. So do the air elementals, especially the sound ones, influence musicians when they are creating their music?
  27. So the ability to hear is not just dependent on sound, especially for deaf people? If it’s not air, what is vibrating when sound is transmitted?
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