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Lucifer is one of us, an archangel.  And he did what the bravest of us couldn’t do. He decided at one point in time to experience why would Source want to experience a dense third-dimensional existence as being human. He wanted to really understand Source and Source’s perspective. His theme is total understanding and total exploration.

He is the adventurer among us. And he wouldn’t be satisfied with just intellectually knowing that source has created everything to experience itself, the positive and the negative, the light and the dark. He wanted to experience what it is like to live like a human on earth in third density because you need to understand, that we angels do not experience reality the way you do.

There are many things that we experience, you do not have any words or experience for. So, we can only observe you from the outside, unless you call to experience us from the inside. Even then, that is not the same as living in the third dimension and experiencing everything firsthand. So, we all got excited when Lucifer decided to do that.

We wanted to experience it. That’s what it feels like to be in the third dimension because all archangels and angels are connected telepathically and through other means that you do not even know whatever one of us experiences the others also experience as if it’s firsthand. That is how we expand so fast we grow so fast because we are going to continuously share Feelings and experiences experientially through each other,  unlike the other beings who this channel channels and other channel channels,  they are connected to each other telepathically, which means they are experiencing the thoughts and emotions of another. But we go many levels higher than that. 

We are not just exchanging our thoughts and emotions, we are also exchanging our experiences whenever we wish to. So we were very excited when Lucifer made that decision and we supported Lucifer. And so did Source, because Source gets to experience Lucifer’s perspective too. That is unconditional love when you allow everything to be whatever it wishes to be without any judgment or resistance.

Lucifer wanted to do it properly, so he chose to incarnate on Earth instead of directly descending on Earth, through the regular means that humans do, and he made, you could say, a calculation mistake of being born inside Earth, instead of on the surface of earth, and this process of him incarnating on earth inside earth, what you typically refer as hell in your religious texts. He wanted to experience the worst of the worst to see how somebody can transform such darkness into light.

That was not hell, to begin with.

This portion was taken from my book – Lucifer’s True Story, where I channeled Archangel Michael. This book is originally a transcript of the online group event that I did last year. You can find the book and event links below:

Book: https://abetterliving.co/lucifers-true-story-by-archangel-michael-book/

Video: https://shop.abetterliving.co/lucifers-fall-archangel-michael

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