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New being unlocked! šŸ„³ I am very excited to publicly present a channeled video of the Annunakis to you for the first time. The Annunakis are aliens from the anti-matter realm (a parallel solar system) who are responsible for creating us (homo sapien species).

And in this channeled transmission, they talk more about that, about themselves and also the quantum realm, one of my favorite topics. If you are interested in spiritual ascension, this video is part of the new series from them that focuses exactly on that. If you have difficulty connecting the dots as to what spiritual ascension has to do with the quantum realm, I urge you to watch this video till the end. šŸ™‚

As I said earlier, I am starting a new series of videos on personal development, releasing limiting beliefs, shadow work, etc which are a perfect compliment to this spiritual ascension topic. Because in my opinion, spiritual development & personal development go hand in hand. While there are many other ways to grow and develop in the spiritual realm, the path of personal development, emotional resilience, and character building is my hallmark, my signature area which I am very passionate about.

Topics covered in the video:

Who are the Anunnakis?

  • The Anunnaki are a race claiming to have created the Homo Sapien species.
  • They disagree with information about them at the beginning (shared by me).
  • They come from a planetary system composed of antimatter, complementing our solar system.

Antimatter and The Quantum Realm

  • Everything has a matter and antimatter counterpart.
  • The quantum realm allows travel between these realms.
  • Understanding the quantum realm is crucial for spiritual ascension.

Anunnaki on Earth

  • They needed gold to travel the material world and stabilize themselves.
  • They discovered Earth’s gold reserves and made contact with Homo erectus.
  • Through genetic manipulation, they created Homo sapiens (us).

Human Potential and DNA

  • Homo sapiens’ early access to superpowers caused problems.
  • The Anunnaki deactivated these abilities and locked them in our DNA.
  • Human evolution unlocks these powers by raising our vibration.
  • Emotional and mental work is necessary to use these powers responsibly.

The Illusion of Reality

  • Both matter and antimatter are illusions of the source aspect.
  • Our perspective determines how we perceive reality.
  • Spiritual ascension involves seeing things from all dimensions and angles.

The Quantum Realm Explained

  • The quantum realm is the source of everything, a “magic slate” for manifestation.
  • It allows access to anything instantly and contains various forms of existence.
  • Mastering the quantum realm allows the perception of these other universes.

Implications and Next Steps

  • Physical reality is an illusion, and the quantum realm holds immense potential.
  • The Anunnakis promise to teach methods for harnessing the quantum realm in future sessions.
  • The channeling concludes with the importance of this knowledge and responsible use of power.

So I hope you will enjoy the video, and don’t forget to post your questions on this topic below.

What is Vocal Channeling?

For those who are new to vocal channeling, here’s a little bit about what it is. In vocal channeling, a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words. What you hear is not my opinion, but that of the being I am channeling.

My eyes remain closed throughout the channeling because I am in a trance state. This allows for unadulterated information to pass through without much interference from the ego. I have channeled 18 divine entities, dragons, and extraterrestrials so far, mostly in private sessions, and a few in public. Here is a list of the ones I have channeled:

1. Green Tara (female Buddha)
2. Amun Ra
3. Yeshua
4. Mary Magdalene
5. Archangel Michael
6. Archangel Lucifer
7. Archangel Gabriel
8. Hod (god of technology)
9. Lemurians & Nomura Lemurians (humans from Earth in a parallel universe)
10. Fire, water, and black Dragons
11. Arcturian Council of 7 (E.T.s from Arcturus)
12. Sirius beings (E.T.s from the Sirius Constellation)
13. Star Phoenix (E.T.s )from Phoenix Constellation
14. Alymus (E.T.s from Orion constellation)
15. Sheila & Hans (E.T.s from the Sassani civilization)
16. Annunakis (E.T.s from the anti-matter universe)
17. Blue Flower from Orion
18. Aon – a mantis being

If you love channeling and want to learn to channel too, check out my courses on channeling: https://shop.abetterliving.co/course

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