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Are you ready to bask in some sweet, feminine energies? I channeled Mary Magdalene where she shares her relationship with Jesus. And tells us that her transmissions are going to be a step process of awakening the divine feminine, with one permission slip baked into the monologue of every transmission.

Today’s permission slip was about how to find your “shadows”. She also unexpectedly brought up the issues of patriarchy creating a disbalance in people & societies. That’s because masculine energies are promoted instead of creating a balance between both. This tendency in our society has also imbalanced the human body, with more preference towards masculine creative energies and not enough nurturing feminine energies. This disturbs the fluidity of the body composition. She goes into a great lot of detail to explain that.


I’ll (Mary Magdalene) be talking about the Divine Feminine and how, including men, can awaken that Divine Feminine aspect within themselves with raw creative power, empathy, love, kindness, the connection to ourselves and others. To strengthen it. Because when we are deeply connected to ourselves, then it’s easy for us to connect to others.

If you are facing relationship challenges, it’s because you are not connected with yourself. So I will go more into shadow work.

I’ll go more into being more feminine or unlocking your feminine aspects, even if you are men. The divine feminine and the divine masculine exist as yin and yang. Only when you balance it, do you find the balance point. That’s when you create the holy trinity. The son, the father, and the holy spirit. The Brahma, the Vishnu, and the Maheshwar. You can reach the trinity of balance when you have balanced the masculine and feminine energy within you.

Right now, most of you are imbalanced in this energy. Unlock your raw creativity. Physically speaking. Unleash your manifestation powers.

Questions asked by the audience:

1. I have had several health issues and the beings I channel said because I was toxic. Do you see that I need to actually do some form of detox, or what is the most important thing that I can do to move forward with this?

2. When I asked to ask my question, I feel a pressure inside of me and I don’t understand where it’s coming from or why I’m even scared. Why do I feel so scared to ask questions?

3. Weren’t you Jesus’s partner?

4. You were with him though, weren’t you?

5. So you helped him balance his shadow side, as you’re doing with us?

6. So does the feminine side equate to compassion?

7. So how did we lose our feminine aspect? Where did we, how did that get programmed out of us by religion? Is that the feminine side?

8. Can changing our inner conflicts on a personal scale also impact global energy, particularly in societies where women face challenges like wearing the burqa and abuse, such as in the Muslim religion?

9. So after we identify a shadow aspect, how do we go about healing them? So is there a process that we do?

10. Could we have shadows from another parallel counterpart of ourselves?

11. As I work on those beliefs, which were like from a parallel life, will I connect with a healed version of that parallel life?

12. I have a fear of being judged. Is that in a way a shadow?

13. I feel really connected to you in a personal way. Are you able to share what is our connection?

14. Have I successfully worked through my fear of suffocation and the belief connected to it, which seems to have originated from a past life where I was a captured nun and experienced violence in tight spaces?

15. Why did I decide to get circumcised now, and how does this decision relate to my life and what does it represent?

16. How can I balance my masculine energy, as I’ve received guidance to do so, in a way that aligns with my spiritual growth and connection with my guides and God?

17. What are current major world events there for? what are we supposed to learn from them? israel vs palestina and earthquake in morocco.

18. How will the roles of current ET channelers change when open contact becomes available? Do people with telepathy ability or ET channelers become ambassadors to extraterrestrial civilizations?

19.There are no greatest & best channelers like Moumita Paul in South Korea. Will channelers like her appear in South Korea in my timeline?

20. Lately there’s been a lot of cctv videos circulating of people vanishing in public gatherings. Is this part of the rapture?

21. Could you tell us about the Kailash and Mato Tepila mountains? Sadhguru says Mato Tepila is beneficial for the Throat chakra.

22. What are Indian deities? Are they ETs?

23. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? It’s the pseudonym of a person or a collective that invented Bitcoin. So, who invented Bitcoin?

24. Could you name a few places in Sweden where I can find a vortex near my area? And how to identify their presence?

Do you have a burning question?

If you are interested in asking your personal questions to Mary Magdalene directly, just like in the video, you can book a 1:1 private session with me (Online). I will channel Mary upon request. Click Below

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