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We (AA Michael) will be talking about the so-called ‘Lucifer’s fall’. This has been spoken about in many books, poems, and religious texts, and is often misinterpreted because of the symbologies involved, as we have said before. The things that we angels experience cannot be described in words, hence we use symbols and metaphors often. We have seen that these symbols often get confused, and misinterpreted. Hence it becomes imperative for us to keep telling that these are metaphors and symbols and not to be taken literally.

So we are going to talk about Lucifer’s story of why he decided to be amongst humans, what happened to him once he reached Earth, what he decided to do then, and how he came back to be amongst us.

Remember, once an angel, always an angel. He is still an angel among us and to us. And let us clarify your notions about Lucifer so that you stop treating him as Satan, Satanic, or demonic in nature, and stop vilifying him for who he is. Time has come to embrace the darkness that has been spread in his name and allow him to shine his light.

Questions asked by the live audience:

1. When you say that Lucifer was born under the earth, within the earth, are you talking about like a, like a different dimension?

2. So something like Telos, I think the city is called, which is supposedly in inner earth, and that’s not third density, right?

3. Are you able to kind of share whereabouts? He was underground?

4. And are you able to give us a rough time frame that we could understand in our history? Are we talking like how many millions or hundreds of thousands of years ago?

5. So he was not born from a traditional way from a mother. Is that correct?

6. So he knew how to be manifest as an adult, as an angel, or did he have help?

7. How old would he look like?

8. How did he look?

9. Did he never forget who he was?

10. Was he, successful then in transforming darkness into light?

11. Is he in, in another dimension or is he with you?

12. Was Lucifer present in the Egyptian time? Was he active?

13. So if we would be able to connect with Lucifer, how would he be of service, how he could help us?

14. Are there other beings that kind of played this role as well of helping us to transmute darkness into light or learn from that perspective?

15. Did Lucifer had any offspring?

16. Did Lucifer’s experience contribute to the human collective, to the Elohim collective, or to the both?

17. What do you think or what does Lucifer suggest for us in order to easily rediscover our connection to Source?

18. I’ve seen Lucifer referred to as the Light Bearer. Is that how he’s regarded by you Archangels?

19. Also the picture that you gave of basically having horns and a tail. Did he have red skin, which is the image we’ve been given by religious texts, basically. And what was his tail for? Did that serve a purpose like his horns?

20. Who was on the surface of the planet when he surfaced after his time underground?

21. Did he actually be a teacher as well? Did he teach humans?

22. Did he go walk on fours or did he walk on two legs?

23. Did he interact with the Anunnaki?

24. So Shiva was an entity of the Anunnaki, but not associated with the traditional thought of The Anunnaki being in Africa?

25. Does dark magic comes from Lucifer?

26. Did Lucifer kill humans?

27. What is his perspective on murder?

28. Could he change his appearance if he wished for?

29. Why are we so fearful of different looking species or like that we call or even ugly things?

30. Why was he misused by Anunnaki and the religion in such a way that he was taken as an example of a bad guy?

31. Often dragons or snakes or Nagas in Indian are connected to, to Lucifer. Is there a connection?

32. When they are depicting St. George killing the dragon and referring to the beast that, that is Lucifer – is this some mixed up thing that the religion guys came up with?

33. How does the negative beliefs of humans affect Lucifer? Does Lucifer feel hindered in self because of our fear based beliefs?

34. Are other beings using the name of Lucifer to connect into the negative?

35. The negative beings who are using the name of Lucifer to commit atrocities, are not being Lucifer, right?

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