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Balance your divine energies and find happiness within! Archangel Michael brings a fresh perspective on what is divine love, light, and power and what happens when you have these three aspects balanced in you.

Also, he shares what happens if those are imbalanced and how you can identify and bring these three aspects into balance within you.

About The Full Transmission

Divine Light:

So, the transmission is going to be about balancing wisdom and intelligence, which we would be referring to as the divine light aspect.

  • Represents clarity of thought, intelligence, wisdom, and the ability to see things for what they truly are.
  • Lack of divine light can lead to difficulty understanding information, negativity clouding your aura, and a lack of creativity. This in turn can affect your abundance & wealth-creation abilities.
  • Green Tara that this channel channels represents the divine light aspect, the divine wisdom aspect.
  • We will talk about how a lack of divine light can create specific challenges in your life and how you can find balance. We will also talk about how will you know if this aspect is balanced in you.

Divine Love:

Being loving and compassionate to yourself and others, which we are going to refer to as a divine love aspect.

  • Encompasses compassion, empathy, mercy, love, harmony, and connection.
  • When balanced, it allows for easy connection with others, fearlessness, and open communication.
  • It’s important to distinguish love from people-pleasing and to prioritize self-love.
  • Mary Magdalene represents the divine love aspect. This is also connected to another layer of your aura and any disbalance in this aspect affects your aura.
  • We will go in-depth into what divine love is, and how will you know when it is balanced and when it is not. And how to balance it.

Divine Power:

The divine power aspect is the power to act, standing up for yourself, not tolerating toxic behaviors, and setting boundaries. The divine power aspect is all about taking action towards what you prefer.

  • Represents the ability to take action, set boundaries, stand up for yourself, and influence others.
  • Lack of divine power can manifest as feeling powerless, low energy, and procrastination.
  • We as the Archangel Collective of Michael are representations of the divine power aspect.
  • Here again we will explain how you can understand if you have sufficient divine power aspect or not. And how you can tune into more divine power.

So all human beings have these three aspects, but they are not balanced. As of today, it is becoming more obvious as to which aspects of a person are not balanced. When there is a disbalance in these three aspects, it shows up as challenges and difficulties in one’s life.

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