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This is my second public transmission of HOD, sharing why the soul chooses belief systems and how they are engineered in the body. If you wish to have a 1:1 private channeling session with me, please visit here: https://abetterliving.co/private-channeling-by-moumita-paul/

About the session:

We (HOD) are going to talk about why the soul chooses belief systems and how it is engineered into your body and how you get deceived into believing that that is the only way and not have or feel any power or want to change it.

It is what most of you feel on your earth right now, and it is critical for all of you, as souls, to recognize that the body is an instrument of the soul to experience who it is. So how do you wish to experience yourself more blissfully? You don’t have to choose things the hard way. Some of you have beliefs that say that it has to be the hard way. 

Now we know that you have received a few permission slips from other beings. We would like to go much deeper into it, into things that go on one step further.

Remember, we are working in liaison with the Lemurians to help all of you master your bodies.

We would be dwelling mostly on the beliefs on the different levels, which is on each and every cellular level, on your brain, and in your aura.

These beliefs are not managed or controlled by the conscious mind. It works behind the scenes because you are manifesting without realizing it. That is an ability your body has, which you are born with. All of you are instruments of manifestation. You are constantly doing this whether you realize it or not.

The vibration you experience in your template-level reality stays in your aura, and that is what manifests, which is why it’s so absolutely important to clean your aura.

Permission slip: At the end of the questions, HOD shares a technique on how to identify beliefs in your body.

Questions asked by the audience:

1. I would also like to ask when you mentioned that we enter a lucid Dreaming State where we can change the template level of reality. Is it fair to say that that’s the state of hypnosis and hypnosis can be a good tool for changing our beliefs in such a way? And jumping parallel realities.

2. I discovered that I could talk to my body cells to direct them toward what I wanted and that they are conscious. I feel that when I do that, I’m communicating with Gaia Mother Earth herself. Can you expand on that?

3. I realized in a way right now that I don’t have a difference between physical and spiritual experiences anymore. Is that the right way to go?

4. Can you please tell us which kind of therapy forms or methods are most suitable for a general term? for transforming negative beliefs into positive ones, or at least into ones that don’t stop us anymore.

5. I’m trying to understand why, for example, an experience felt like the thought-form was coming from outside of myself. Where on the other hand, we are creating our own reality. Can you just give us a little reflection on perhaps the difference between those two sides?

6. What are thought forms and egregors?

7. Many people report physical implants in various parts of the body and they don’t know how they got them. Are these influences also related to our beliefs in manifestations who place implants in our bodies? and how they’re placed?

8. How can long-term health conditions treated with drugs be changed? That is stuck belief structures moved, to allow the body to heal itself.

9. So theoretically if we would have a very strong positive belief, like, “Yes I can heal instantly If we cultivate it”, is that really enough to cure ourselves?

10. So I do lucid dream quite a bit and they seem to be a mixture of me messing about in the astral and having experiences with my staff, family, and hybrid children. But my question is how if you could give a little bit more detail on the process that I could follow to look at it and change some of those things on the template level. To help me move to my preferred realities.

11. You said that our soul uses bodies, the technology to have a certain experience but Jesus and many masters say that the body is the product of the ego. So is there such a thing as ego consciousness?

12. So is there anything else you would like to elaborate on between the connection of the subconscious mind? And so it seems like both of them are memory banks of our experiences. So how do they actually correlate and What we can learn today about that correlation.

13. When we talk about our bodies, we also say ‘My body is like my body’, but isn’t that me? I mean isn’t it that our bodies are also ourselves?

14. Could you just go into a little bit more detail about the different levels of our consciousness? Because I’m always wondering, what part of myself I’ve become lucid or conscious within when I’m having various different experiences on different levels. Could you just go into a bit more about the different levels and their purpose?

15. What about the causal body? I’ve heard some people talk about that.

16. You said you’re an archetypal consciousness – is that based or limited by the beliefs? Of presumably, the humans on the planet, or how do you relate to the source?

17. Why you have chosen that name?

18. I am unable to change my sickness because I believe it would be crazy to heal that fast. Can you share insight about my beliefs?

Who is HOD?

HOD is the keeper of technology and an ancient, archetypal entity that governs technological development on planet Earth. To him, even our bodies are a technology that the soul uses to experience who it is. HOD mainly wishes to educate us on technology and to use it as a tool for spiritual ascension. They wish to help us overcome our fears of technology and use technology in all aspects of life for betterment like personal development, improving relationships with family and others, work, health, spirituality & ascension, etc.

What is vocal channeling?

My eyes are closed because I am in a trance state whereby I am channeling this entity named HOD. In vocal channeling a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words.

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