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I know that I haven’t posted anything since 15th April 2021. A lot happened in between and it had become difficult to cope with so much going on. Finally, I felt it is high time that I connected with everyone. Spiritual journeys can be hard and for those who struggled like me, I just want to say that things get better with time.

Life can be unpredictable and I found it is easier to record my thoughts as podcasts rather than write. The endless editing of my posts combined with my perfectionism will never allow me to publish anything in written format on time. There is good news- I will share my spiritual experiences and better living tips as podcasts instead of writing lengthy posts. There is so much more to offer to you than only horary services, and I hope you like what you hear. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be very eager to hear what do you think about the podcasts and share your experiences too in the comments.

For those who are curious why I was keeping silent, the last six months were crazy busy. I had hired a company that designs websites in the hopes of revamping my website (www.seoresellerusa.com). They were supposed to do the logo design, website design and redo the looks of my website. They only did 2 designs. And then they took my money, crushed my spirits, and vanished. I was so sad because this company was referred to me by a long-known acquaintance. And she vanished too. To distract me from this crushing blow, at the time when I didn’t have a job and much money left, I started preparing seriously for job interviews. Then finally got a job in June, moved to a newly rented apartment (away from my parents), and have been totally sucked into it since then. Along with this, I was going through a huge spiritual awakening that was absolutely bones-crushing. I was surprised to find the symptoms that I went through since last year till date were very accurately described in this post on spiritual awakening.

  • I discovered Teal Swan and her spiritual teachings on youtube and that completely transformed my life. The last 3.5 months was a crazy roller coaster ride in the spiritual awakening process. It felt like I was the only one melting away into a new existence while everyone else remained where they were.
  • I learned to do ‘parts work’ (also referred to as the Inner Child work, Internal family systems therapy or Voice dialogue in psychotherapy) by watching Teal’s videos on ‘Fragmentation‘. You absolutely must watch her videos because they will change your life too!
  • I started ‘360 days of self-love’ starting from 6th July 2021, leading my life only by asking one question in any given situation- ‘What would someone who loved themselves do?’ This is inspired from her book- Shadows before Dawn.
  • I accessed my Akashic records after reading this book and discovered who I was (Angel Zacharial) and what I should do in my life. For those who don’t know what Akashic records are, The Akashic Records are basically a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened (applicable for all living beings, across all universes). Here is a wonderful explanation by Teal Swan about what it is.
  • I started looking for happiness in the present moment by doing small things that made me joyful, instead of always being either stuck in the past or the future inside my head.
  • I stopped expecting people to take notice of my needs or ‘change’ for me. And simply let go of relationships that were holding me back or was making me feel small.
  • I rediscovered ‘Socratic questioning’ (a method of therapy used by the psychriatists) through Byron Katie’s book called ‘Loving what is‘ and started investigating all my negative thoughts and overturning them.
  • I started doing something that I have seldom done before- listening to my heart and doing the heart chakra meditation to open it. The heart tissue has it’s own consciousness, it’s own nervous system and generates the feeling of pain (it doesn’t come from the brain). And I started experiening something that I have never felt before- joy! I stopped fighting any resistance inside me whenever I wanted to do something and instead started listening to it. The heart chakra is called ‘unahata’ in sanskrit which means the ‘unhurt’. When I opened this chakra for the first time using chakra meditation chants, I felt ’emotionally invincible’ and had this gentle, peaceful feeling of tranquility. I’d strongly suggest that you give this simple, mantra chanting meditation a shot.
  • I also got severe back pain due to extreme stress at the new workplace. While I was struggling with pack pain and excessive acne, I discovered that the illnesses that we develop in our bodies are due to our negative core beliefs and negative thinking when we are stuck in negative life circumstances. This concept is elaborately researched and covered in the book called Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose. She also has some free videos that shows how to heal illnesses without ever revisiting the past traumatic experiences. I can vouch that it works because I read what kind of thoughts produced acne and healed it using her method. My acne was not responding to any medicines given by dermatologists before this. It had persisted for more than 1 year. Then after trying this alternative method of healing, it just stopped all of a sudden one day. Thats it! It just vanished and never came back. I tried the same healing technique on my back pain too and it was reduced by 80% (not completely gone though, had to take physiotherapy to cure it completely).
  • And finally I had consulted two starseed astrologers and two spiritual mediums on Etsy, to do some channelling for me. Those who don’t know what channelling is: people who are psychic mediums allow temporary, and consensual possession of their body by benevolent spirits or higher beings to communicate their divine messages. This process is called channelling in the spiritual community. She told me that I was Andromeda Starseed (starseeds are souls from alien stars who incarnate as humans in this lifetime to fulfill some mission). And two of them were unsure between Orion and Andromedan connections that I have. And that I have some crazy capabilities (which I have still not fully digested yet). She conveyed that I need to ‘activate my powers’. She also said the higher spirits thanked me for already helping many people without knowing how much it impacted them. I have no idea what they mean by ‘healing’ powers because I was told the same when I was accessing my akashic records. I only just know that I personally heal very fast from any injury, both physical and emotional. Let’s see what I discover in the near future.
  • I was advised by those same higher spirits to connect with the dragon spirits. So I recently bought these Dragon Oracle cards and trying to figure out how to use them to connect with the dragon spirits ๐Ÿ˜€

So I have been on my spiritual journey at lightening speed, absorbing information like a sponge and had been exploring my newfound identity. I am currently and reading two new books on Starseeds to gain more insight about myself and my purpose. I will keep resurfacing with my podcasts soon, hopefully weekly, and will have a lot of useful and good things to share with all of you. Until then, ciao!


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I channeled Mary Magdalene and she explained how in our untold human history, sex, money, and power became the root of all evil. She explains how ‘shame’ is used a powerful manipulative tactic to control the masses so that people stay obedient.