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Did you know that sacred geometries are the DNA of Gods & Divine beings?

Embark on a transformative journey beyond the veil with this visually stunning and intellectually stimulating video presented by Moumita.

In this epic, HD quality, visually stunning, & captivating channeling, Moumita channels the wisdom of Archangel Lucifer to unlock the previously unrevealed truths of sacred geometry and its profound implications of using it for space travel & teleportation.

Experience the beauty of high production value and stunning visuals as Moumita delivers captivating insights and lucid explanations, on how sacred geometry shapes the very fabric of the universe and empowers humanity to transcend physical limitations.

What sets “Sacred Geometry” apart is its revelation of knowledge not available anywhere else. Moumita channels the concept of the universe as a torus shape, a theory that has recently gained traction within some scientific circles — which was not known to Moumita at the time of channeling the transmission. This verifies the accuracy and profound nature of the information channeled in this extraordinary film.

Here are a few key takeaways from the film:

* About who Lucifer is. And was he a fallen angel? Did he take birth on Earth & why? “Sacred Geometry” is more than just a film—it’s a portal to a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

* What our universe’s structure is

* And that each sacred geometry that we know of are DNAs of Gods & divine beings

* The universe has ‘consciousness’ & it grows or contracts cyclically

* In which direction our solar system is traveling across the universe and how that relate to the growth phase of the universe versus the golden age

* What is the energetic nature of our universe & ‘vibrations’?

* Deeper explorations of what black holes are, why they are important in this context, and what kind of sacred geometry they represent

* Exploration of parallel realities & how each of them corresponds to a different dimension

* How understanding the structure of the universe helps us understand where we are located. And how we can use that locational understanding for space travel beyond our solar system without dying or getting affected by ‘Time’

* How we are teleporting to different versions of Earth all the time and how it relates to our vibration

* How we can teleport to different locations of the universe unlike traditional space travel

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