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We are going to show how your thoughts and emotions influence your body, create illnesses and lower your vibration. You cannot have spiritual development if your vibration is lowered. Once you master the body, it is equivalent to mastering the mind and the emotions. Which means both your mind and emotions are in peace and harmony.

Then the messages from the soul and also from other beings become clearer to hear. Because your mental body or mental aura is now not clouded with too many negative thoughts. So that other positive thoughts can manifest.

Take charge of your body and your physical and mental health. It is time to say goodbye to people who are toxic and negative and constantly make you feel bad about yourself. It is time to draw boundaries because we are going to show, how being in constant communion with people who put you down or bring you down or constantly make you feel bad is actually harmful for your health and also your daily work and life.

Your spirituality is not different from personal development. Which again is not very different from your relationship and how you go about in life. Everything is interconnected. So

once you learn how to master your emotions so you can master your thoughts. You can also do it the other way around – Mastering your thoughts so that you can master your emotions. Either way works fine.

We are going to show you many ways how you can stop illnesses from happening or even cure illnesses by simply working on your thoughts and emotions because these illnesses are created by you and they manifest because you are constantly thinking negatively about something or someone and feeling negative emotions.

Depending on your belief systems, it may take a few days and for some, a few years to manifest an illness. And this is a constant process. It chips away at the body very slowly depending on the intensity and the frequency of the negative thoughts and emotions.

So, this is going to be a lengthy session, a lengthy monologue – where we are going to cover first, the mechanism of how the illnesses are created, and then the ways to stop it from happening. Your spiritual development will be accelerated and it will also allow you to connect with other beings once you learn how to. Manage your thoughts and emotions and hence master the body.

Questions asked are posted in the comments because they did not fit in the description.

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