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We (The Arcturian Council) are going to talk more about the Earth (soil) elemental and what they actually do on Earth, what role they play for planet Earth and your society. Some of you already have connections with them. Examples of earth elementals and earth spirits are the gnomes, the sesecas, or hwayna, and they go by many names.

The primary purpose of these earth elementals is to sustain the earth’s biosphere by absorbing the energetic components and signature of certain materials in the earth, consuming them for their survival, and then giving back something in return. For example: the gnomes give back crystals or the sesecas give back the earth’s minerals, the soil minerals, upon which you grow your vegetables and fruits and plants. The Hwaynas closely govern the tectonic movements and the balance of pressures, heat, and moisture, across all of the layers of Earth.

There are many other species that we are going to talk about, who go by different names and you may know them as different names. So instead of focusing on the names, focus on their purpose and their functions. When you get to know about these earth spirits, you can connect with them. Invoke their help when you are doing something that is more earth-centric. You will receive assistance. Like in agriculture, the use of crystals, or mining of crystals, or any kind of archaeological work, excavations, or any kind of project that requires you to work with the soil and earth.

Once you understand how these elementals are maintaining the balance and which one of your actions is creating a lot of disbalance, it will make you aware of how you can more consciously collaborate with the earth’s elementals instead of damaging the earth. Since you are living here on earth, you use a lot of resources of the earth. Like grounding yourself, eating the fruits and vegetables that grow on Earth, the plants that grow on Earth. They are all interconnected and affect each other.

The constructions that you do on Earth, the digging for oil and minerals or crystals or other excavation and what impact they have, and how you can collaborate with these earth spirits and elementals to restore balance instead of damaging the earth. Remember, we as extraterrestrials can only do so much to restore balance. You must be conscious and aware of how to take responsibility for your behaviors and actions So that you can move to a parallel earth Earth, where things are prosperous and abundant for you and others. By knowing these earth spirits and elementals and how they work with the earth, you can take responsibility and collaborate with them and connect with them too, on maintaining this balance.

Questions asked:

  1. A group of beings that I channeled recently came forward saying they were the guardians of the earth. I felt that they were part of the elementals, I don’t know if you can confirm that for me? 
  2. Are the elementals connected to the trees, different?
  3. Are fairies air elementals?
  4. Do the elementals care for crystals once they’ve been altered in form or shape?
  5. Is Uluru rock in Australia a crystal?
  6. Are there huge crystal deposits under Tasmania?
  7. Can we use crystals to link with the elementals and would we just psychically tune into it and ask the question?
  8. What are the Elementals’ opinions in general, of humans having crystals, purchasing them, or obtaining them in other ways? Is it frowned upon or welcomed? 
  9. How would you describe their societal structure if they have one?
  10. Would it be accurate to say in any way, shape, or form that any structures are made by the elementals to be in proximity to each other?
  11. Which elementals reside on a farm in Kilconnell East Galway, Ireland?
  12. Is there a queen elf residing in that fort in that Pacific area that you’re aware of?
  13.  What’s the average vibrational rate, like cycles per second of an earth elemental?
  14. Are leprechauns associated with Irish culture? 
  15. If I have a food garden at home, will the Sesecas be present?
  16. How can we positively go into this journey and not bring that emotional sadness with it?
  17. In Japan, they moved the mountain into the sea to create an airport and that must be a huge imbalance?
  18. Is there anything else that we could use to invite them or to connect with them?
  19. IAEA approved the discharge of radioactive water from Fukushima in Japan. What are the spiritual meanings of this and how does it affect humans in this timeline?
  20. Everyone says that the moon is very slowly drifting away from Mother Earth at this time. Is that not the case?
  21. What is the Van Allen belt?
  22. How does the vibration from the moon relate to the vibration of humans?
  23. Is Indian Sun God Surya and Leo Simha closest to Western narratives as Arcturian?
  24. Is there an optimal way or a crystal to place around the house to attract more elementals or make them happier?
  25. How can humans collectively be able to collaborate or co-create in a bigger way in some probable future realities where those with first contact know how we could perhaps interact more?

Who are the Arcturians?

The Arcturian Council of 7 are 9th dimensional, non-physical, extra-terrestrials who once lived in the constellation of Arcturus. Now a majority of their civilization lives in their mothership, which is as big as our moon. They look all the same. They are currently hovering over Sedona (Arizona), in their invisible ships, and monitoring Earth. They help humans who are ready to spiritually ascend and prepare them for open contact with E.T.s. They are also Moumita’s spirit guides and are the embodiment of unconditional love.

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