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We are going to talk about how we are intradimensional in nature. And how we mechanically exist within most of you, and how you can connect with us.

Most of you would love to connect with us, and yet you do not wish to connect with other parts of you, that you have disowned, denied, or rejected. Remember, your subconscious is like layers. We are the inner, innermost layers of you. And you cannot reach us unless you have passed through the other layers of you.

There are other ways to connect with us which we do so through other channels, but with this channel, we are more interested in showing how deeply connecting with yourself is one of the best ways to connect with us. Now, remember, we are not condoning one path over the other. All paths to us are valid.

This is one of the paths that you are most familiar with and easy to follow. Loving all parts of yourself is the beginning and clue to connecting with yourself. So, in this transmission, we are going to talk about how you can connect with your suppressed and denied parts so that once you do so, you will also learn how to find us within you.

Mechanically speaking, we are within reach and we are eagerly waiting for you to connect with us. The question is, how eager are you to connect with us? Let us show you the way.


  1. Are there different versions of all beings within ‘all that is and are you included among them? 
  2. How does the infinite connect with reality bubbles and biology reality frames?
  3. Could one draw a parallel position in the Milky Way Galaxy and get a passage through the idea of time or a longer arc of physical experience?
  4. Is where we are in the galaxy proportional to our degree of spiritual development?
  5. Could you expound a little more on the concept of junk DNA?
  6. What sort of abilities, apart from teleportation, do we have in our junk DNA once we open it up, is it a continual expansion or a continual ramp?
  7. Does going a hundred percent unlock our full access to source like the Anunnaki?
  8. Does our junk DNA run into the energetic or Esoteric level and is that an interdimensional thing or a multidimensional thing?
  9. When I am massaging I do feel the download through my body, is it because I focus or can it happen because I consciously channel energy to my client unintendedly?
  10. What would the Enochian symbols be primarily used for?  
  11. How can I refresh the energetic field for myself and the people around me?
  12. Do angelic alphabet or Enochian symbols hold any energy or power to connect?
  13. How did the power of those symbols come about in the first place historically, was it a download to earlier humans or connection that they had and they were able to bring?
  14. What are the positive ways to direct your anger energy and how can it be done?
  15. Is inflammation in the neurons the main cause of our inability to access memory in our consciousness, when we need it?
  16. Do different cells like heart cells, liver cells have access to the same level of junk DNA?
  17. When an entity raises the kundalini operation, how does that affect the DNA and is that releasing more access to this junk DNA?
  18. How much of the junk DNA can we access and is the access wholly or just a partial, like 10% or 20% more?
  19. Is imagination a kind of a portal that we can use to navigate through the quantum field of probabilities?
  20. If I need help, is there a specific being on who I should call upon, from my spirit guides, angels, archangels and divine mother?
  21. Is the energy from the sun a frequency resonance and how do the energy mechanisms and concepts affect our DNA?
  22.  Is it possible to evolve both the physical and spiritual and what civilizations have accomplished that?
  23. Do angels have wings as depicted on our planet? 
  24. Do symbols unlock the junk DNA? 
  25. How effective is allowance at best when raising our frequency?
  26. Can I connect to my future self to unlock more of my DNA in this timeline?
  27. Is it a good thing to label an imagination, when you’re trying to channel?
  28. How do we receive energy updates from the central sun and blue moon?
  29. How do we do when we lock our frequency?
  30. Do we have a billion times parallel reality shift per second only in our universe?
  31. Are all beings group one plus group two, parallel selves within my over soul?
  32. All the beings in group one reincarnated on earth and the beings in group two star people are born being in other planets?
  33. The angel image with wings came through the Bible, for example. Was that for control?
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