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Below is an interesting excerpt from my upcoming channeled book.

To give you some context: I wanted to rewrite the beginning of my parallel reality book so that it is easy for beginners to understand. I did not know how to do it. So I did automatic writing (channeling divine beings through writing) to receive an answer from any non-physical entity who could guide me on this. The below excerpt is a portion of the answer I received from Amun Ra. I haven’t channeled Amun Ra before this. And this conversation with Amun Ra became a book by itself. 😀


Excerpt from my book (channeling Amun Ra)

Moumita: Why should I care to know if I am a soul or not? 

(Anonymous): Because you crave to know what is more to life. You are tired of the way life is working now and wish to know who you are and why you are here. The explanations given to you by your predecessors do not satisfy you anymore. You want the truth. 

And you don’t want the truth in any other way than to experience it.  So here I am, willing to lay it down for you all. For you are ready to ascend in your otherworldly presence. You don’t simply visit in the physical dimension but also in other dimensions simultaneously. You visit those dimensions in your dreams. You change your blueprint of what you wish to experience in a specific dimension. 

So whatever you are experiencing in your physical reality, you already created it in your blueprint dimension. You visit there every night to change it. If you don’t like what you are experiencing in your life, go change it there. After all, you‘ve created it. Nothing happens to your life without your permission. 

Now you may not have a physical awareness of what you have chosen in your dream state, you can consciously start experiencing it by creating the awareness of why you created it. What purpose is an incident serving in your life that furthers your highest purpose or *theme* in this life? After all, you chose to experience this life for a reason. So why not create consciously now?

Moumita: I thought this book is going to be about parallel realities?

(Anonymous): What makes you think what I am talking about here has no connection to a parallel reality?

Everything is connected. Once you understand and establish a connection with your soul and understand your body mechanics, parallel reality will make sense.

Moumita: I don’t understand how that is possible? And who are you?

(Anonymous): I am God, the one who governs your universe. There are gods for each universe. And there are many other keepers of various things. I govern the laws of your universe. And I can tell you this – the other universes have different laws than yours. And there is no point trying to understand them without understanding yours first.

Moumita: By what name do you go by?

God: I go by the name Amun Ra.

Moumita: Isn’t that some Egyptian name? How can I believe you are who you say you are? How do I know you are not lying?

Amun Ra: Discernment is the key. Use your discernment about the information I share. Does it expand your perspective or contract it? Does it raise your vibration or lower it? Does it give you hope and joy or does it make you sad and despondent? Your feelings will guide you correctly to what is right for you.

Moumita: No but that doesn’t answer my question about how do I know for sure you are who you say you are? 

Amun Ra: Check your account with other teachers who have described me. I go by many names in many cultures. I govern the twenty one units of lights that created your universe. You can only see three visible colours which are the thousandth trickled down version of the original light. Humans cannot perceive the twenty one lights unless you travel astrally. Even then, what you see is not an accurate representation of what is. For you, light is different from sound, electromagnetism and other forms of energy. But everything in your universe came from these twenty one lights….

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