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About the session:

The Arcturian Council discusses the importance of healthy relationships and personal growth. They explain that growth does not necessarily require conflicts or challenges and that challenges can be seen from a different perspective. The Arcturian Council offers guidance on navigating various human relationships, encouraging individuals to seek compatibility and authenticity. They suggest that being alone can be preferable to being with someone who lowers one’s vibration. The Council emphasizes the significance of clear communication, managing emotions, and understanding others’ perspectives to resolve conflicts. They highlight the importance of working on belief systems and traumas that hinder personal growth and embracing positive experiences. Ultimately, the Arcturian Council promotes the idea of letting go of relationships that no longer serve one’s growth and finding alignment with those who resonate at a similar frequency.

Questions asked by the live audience:

1. I have a question regarding narcissistic relationships, it seems like many stars seed, their soul has chosen a script to be raised by narcissistic parents or being married to narcissistic or psychopathic partners. Why does the soul choose such a tough experience?

2. The more awareness I got, the more loving my physical reality became. Kind of really boring and lonely. I mean I’m used to being lonely, but it’s really like, I barely have any relationships in my life and is there any opportunity that might change or maybe even find a partner? Finally, because that was impossible so far.

3. I have a question just following up on the subject of narcissism. How can you help us to understand? More productive way. To be able to help someone who is a narcissist. How could we navigate a person or help them to make them aware? I know it’s their choice but when it’s someone really close to you.

4. Our desire for a relationship – is that a reflection of the knowingness, or the intuition that we’re one with the source and we’re seeking to have that union in a physical form? Does that come back to us as wanting to be in a relationship with somebody or something?

5. I wonder when we put boundaries, what do we actually radiate into the universe? What kind of message we are sending? Because putting boundaries is sometimes necessary because we are being attacked in different ways.

6. Do eating street food, which is made by a low-vibration person, affect our energy levels and in turn the relationships to turn sour?

7. How sacred is marriage and Is it even necessary?

8. When you see what we call ‘the future’, where do you see that? We are moving collectively because it seems like we have a very hard time having monogamous relationships. There are a lot and a lot of divorces. Are we actually more suited to be in polyamory or multiple relationships? What all this is reflecting true to us.

9. If we maintain a higher frequency by some form of permission slip that maintains the boundaries or our sovereignty or our own power instead of giving it away by maintaining that higher frequency.

10. If someone cannot understand your actions and that person gets hurt. Even though you make your point you’re explaining or, just sharing the reason and the person is really suffering. And what is your responsibility here?

11. Want to know about the arcturian origin of my little girl. In one of channeling it was revealed that she is an arcturian starseed.

12. I bought the moldavite necklace and moldavite balls in the picture below from Ali Express Crystal’s interior decoration store. Are they genuine or fake? How to tell the difference between genuine and fake Moldavites on the Aliexpress open market site?

13. What year will you make contact, in person, and where on Earth?

14. How can we develop a relationship with the Arcturians? As my understanding is that in order to have a deep relationship, more of a personal relationship with the Actorians, is it correct to say that we may have a counterpart In the Arcturian civilization?

Who are the Arcturian Council?

The Arcturian Council of Seven are 9th dimensional, non-physical, extra-terrestrials who once lived in the constellation of Arcturus. Now a majority of their civilization lives in their mothership, which is as big as our moon. They look all the same and have different councils connecting to different channelers. They are currently hovering over Sedona, Arizona in their invisible ships and monitoring Earth. They help humans who are ready to spiritually ascend and prepare them for open contact with E.T.s. They are also Moumita’s spirit guides and are the embodiment of unconditional love.

What is vocal channeling?

My eyes are closed because I am in a trance state whereby I am channeling the group of 7 extraterrestrials. In vocal channeling a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words.

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