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About the session:

This is my first public event in channeling the Nomura Lemurians. The Nomura Lemurians are on a special mission to help people understand their bodies better and unlock their untapped potential. They explain that each cell in the body has its own consciousness, contributing to a unified consciousness. The mind is not limited to the brain but exists throughout the entire body. They discuss the concept of parallel realities and how traumatic events can leave energetic imprints in one’s aura, causing fragmentation and internal conflicts. They emphasize the importance of healing these traumas and integrating conflicting parts to achieve alignment. By releasing toxins and trauma, one can raise their vibration, heal physically and emotionally, and embark on a spiritual journey toward the fifth dimension. They offer techniques, like modified pranayama, to release toxins from organs and encourage further research and education on these topics.

Questions asked by the live audience:

1. When we start this journey of Expansion of consciousness, the act of being alignment. When we do meditation or any other techniques, does the action of aligning yourself automatically start healing the body? Do we have to bring it to consciousness and awareness in order to transform it? Or is just doing the meditation and the alignment, will they automatically heal us?

2. I’m curious to know when the trauma is a physical impact. Let’s say a car accident. And the person gets very physically damaged. I would say that there’s no coming back. You broke a hip and your legs didn’t grow proportionally. And my question is in those situations and you being from the 8th dimension- Will the body one day when we are more evolved be able to grow a finger or maybe heal itself even though the damage was very impactful to the point that we don’t believe right now that it will heal?

3. I was thinking that humans right now are very busy making Prosthetics. So will they in a way prevent us from developing the other?

4. Throughout my life in this incarnation, I experienced some really heavy traumas. And no matter what they did and I work a lot on beliefs, they keep repeating in a loop like crazy and I felt really defeated because of that. When it comes to self-compassion can you tell me something about this? I think my heart is opening in a different way. If you can maybe share your thoughts.

5. If the mind is not in the brain, how am I going through this healing time. I feel so much pain in my brain. It feels like I am having brain surgery for days.

6. How is the trauma affecting the personality? Are they overriding each other?

7. Is the fascia an entry point of consciousness?

8. So every organism has its own sort of mycelial network?

9. Can you teach us a method of connecting to a higher plane of consciousness that can enable us to spontaneously heal our bodies, please?

10. I studied in the library for 11 hours a day. How can I improve my so-called memory for learning? And any recommendations, please? Are there any other methods to stay awake for study instead of coffee or taking an app on the desk?

11. The more I started opening up I started dancing and chanting. Is this something that if I do to somebody else with that, be a permission slip for a person, as well as getting to that vibration as well? Can I use it for that purpose?

12. What’s the spiritual meaning behind recurring, urinary tract infections and the spiritual meaning behind hay fever?

13. How do prescription drugs? Affect the intelligent body?

14. Is that the same for herbal drugs and techniques like homeopathy?

15. I am from Cambodia and the Lemurian Civilization is my ancestors. Can you tell me why my ancestors in this timeline have perished and no longer prosper?

16. If we have a collective consciousness belief that we happen to be tuned into without realizing it consciously, how can we clear it?

17. I had an experience in meditation some time ago when I was in a kind of meeting room. I’m sure with extra-dimensional beings. I was standing at the door ushering through some beings that sort of had brown scaly skin with these white nodules between the scales, all around their body, in their face, they were humanoid I was told by a different channel that they were Lemurian and in particular those beings, I just wanted. If you were able to corroborate that And give me some more information.

Who are the Nomura Lemurians?

We are a small group of 8th-dimensional, humans who are from another dimension of earth. Nomura Lemurians are the advanced version of Lemurians. We are a peace-loving civilization that exists on a parallel earth. And we have been summoned by the Intergalactic Federation to help humans heal themselves because of all the toxins that had been prevailing on your planet.

We physically choose to be on your version of Earth because we have agreed to help humans to do so. We are living within great depths of your oceans. We would not share which ones yet. We would not mention which ocean to preserve the things that we are doing. We cannot have any human influence. We have developed the ability to live anywhere underwater. And places of low oxygen and we don’t need food. We can physicalize and nonphysical at any given point in time.

We are shamans in the sense that we have learned how to become nonphysical. We are still high-vibration humans. We have accessed the eight dimensions and we are living in the eight dimensions. We can still become humans at will. And we chose the depth of the ocean to live in because that’s the most pristine place on earth, which has not been ravaged by humans and other toxins. We prefer being pristine.

We specialize in healing and in a way of life that is very useful and helpful for the body. Now we understand humans have difficulty changing their habits. This is why, we would love to keep our sessions so free so that people can cultivate such habits over a long period of time.Ā 

What is vocal channeling?

My eyes are closed because I am in a trance state whereby I am channeling the group of 4 lemurians. In vocal channeling a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words.

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