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In this session, I vocally channeled the Arcturian council to answer questions posted in the Bashar group. The Arcturians are 9th-dimensional beings from the star system of Arcturus. I enter a trance state and the messages from them come through my voice.

The questions asked in this session are:

1. When was the Pyramid of Giza constructed? I have heard various dates….which is correct?

2. I got laid off. A future job is the only thing. What do you see? Would be great to see if what you see matches what I see.

3. Can you please ask them for details about what is going to happen in 2026? It is about a massive event on Earth. Many communities are talking about massive events around the year 2026 and 2027. Some call it solar plexus mutation, and some think it’s mass ET contact. Could you elaborate on that?

4. Could you check for me if I’m to become a channeler myself? I’d love to hear it!

5.I’m a student midwife and was talking about “walk-in souls” today…. I would love to know about transitioning time… for instance… When babies take longer to transition is it possible a different soul walked in to their body? We’ve also had babies flatline and come back. Is it possible that a new soul came into the body? Or was the same soul waiting in the ethers?

6. The question is always what would you tell humanity now? Where should we concentrate our energy? Some wise words for us, you know.

Elisabeth Pilliere De Tanouarn: is it possible to have a massive alien event in 2023? Also wondering about my health. thank you

7. I need to know if the foothills of the Blueridge or Appalachian mountains (USA) are a good place to start an EcoVillage or do they think elsewhere, and if so where? Or should I even try to do this at all? Much appreciation, please Thank them for me too.

8. Can you please ask about the validity of the reincarnation trap theory and how it could be possible to enslave us on that deep a level if it’s true?

9. I will appreciate some guidance on 2 things: I want to channel. I want to manifest financial abundance. I feel I missing something somewhere that I need higher beings to look into my aura and pinpoint what that is.

10. I m in a self-awareness path with the help of spiritual practices such as crystals, and energy healing.If u can channel my important past lives. And my current soul energy level in 3d or 4d. Mostly I want to know about my important past lives and soul energy level

11. Specifically, my path in life, which way it should go as for 10 years I have been on this path of self-sufficiency but am yet to see the evidence of my hard work. Is my art the answer? And what is the point of it? Yes life purpose. I wonder why the work I put out into the world never gets returned and I suffer internally. I guess I’m looking for instructions for my next steps to move in the direction I should, or to be told I’m completely off track. I’m confused as I follow all I’ve learned without seeing the reality manifest after all this time. I have been through significant trauma in the past so I don’t know if this is still impacting me, I’m making sure it doesn’t in my consciousness realm

Do you have a burning question?

If you are interested in asking your personal questions to the Arcturians directly, just like in the video, you can book a 1:1 private session with me (Online). I will channel the Arcturians upon request. Click Below

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