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About the session:

(As per the Arcturians) This is extremely important at the stage where humanity is right now. Because there is no point in denying your responsibility in how you are a powerful creator and you are creating your reality. The whole point is to make you become aware how you are creating the reality, mechanically speaking, and moving through different parallel realities, mechanically speaking.

So that you understand how much power you have to change the negative circumstances that you are experiencing. And even if it does happen, you understand that from a higher perspective that it is meant to accelerate your growth in some way, shape, or form. So in this transmission, we are going to talk about how you are actively creating a reality, and how you can take control, and stop creating it passively and start creating it more consciously.

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Questions asked by the live audience:

1. What are the mechanics behind the differentiation between the physical self (That is our human body) and the external reality? And is that external reality kind of still us in a sense?

2. With regards to the frames- are they kind of like a static framework in a sense and we just navigate through it?

3. Are there gaps between the frames, depending on the frequency of the consciousness?

4. So when you look at much higher galactic consciousness or even up to source level they just contain more of the frames within their consciousness, right?

5. I get occasional rashes on my face because of Several seborrheic dermatitis. I have also been working on childhood traumas. What kind of belief does this incurable disease arise from? How can I fully heal this?

6. So, talking about the different bodies that we have, the physical emotional mental, and spiritual I want to understand – Do they have individual consciousness?

7. So when we are incarnated are we only able to go up to the perspective of the Higher Self?

8. So when we are having experiences with our counterparts, is it at a higher self-level?

9. Is that the same thing that happens when we are talking with our own selves from a parallel version of ourselves?

10. Now going back to the physical body. Who is in charge of the automatic functions of the body? Is that Mother Earth?

11. If we just say that the body is an organic computer that comes already set up and then we basically tap to unlock the features? Let’s say, or updating software that we have designed.

12. We are basically an idea expressed?

13. Do you have the same frame rate as we do? Or do you move through the frames more rapidly? Or slower?

14. What is your mechanism to create your physical body?

15. Where does our soul come from? What is our soul actually?

16. So non-physical, beings then can move freely to any point in the overall static framework of creation or all that is? They have completely free rein in a sense.

17. So from the point of view of source or all it is, can you say that that’s literally just one particle?

18. In one of my astral projections, I came into what looked like a room and different beings walking around. It became almost cartoon- and one being I actually saw transition from what looks like a humanoid being and then it became a cartoon letter or something was completely insane. What was that?

19. Besides bringing oxygen and energy to the body, what are the other purposes of breathing? I do have a feeling that it could be some sort of gateway, to access other dimensions.

20. Is there any correlation between breathing is lower or faster? You will kind of breathe your life out or life as because you breathe faster,…

21. During listening to you, I became somehow so, relaxed and tired, I think I fell asleep. I wasn’t expecting that. I think I needed it. Maybe something in your energy made that possible?

22. When we do the permission slip 7-1-7-1 breathing – so how does that affect our vibration? Do we come, identical or extremely close? Or what’s that mechanism? That’s operating there?

23. how does that affect the frame rate?

24. Does that exercise create the same frequency for both people regardless of where they’re starting frequency was?

25. I wondered how high, frequency-wise, the human body is capable of raising its frequency? Could it be raised up to by perhaps someone who’s a spiritual person and following a regular practice kind of thing?

26. When I get triggered into an out-of-body experience, does that mean that the vibration goes up to that point when you fall asleep and that then would trigger that sort of experience in a different dimensional plane?

Who are the Arcturian Council?

The Arcturian Council of Seven are 9th dimensional, non-physical, extra-terrestrials who once lived in the constellation of Arcturus. Now a majority of their civilization lives in their mothership, which is as big as our moon. They look all the same and have different councils connecting to different channelers. They are currently hovering over Sedona, Arizona in their invisible ships and monitoring Earth. They help humans who are ready to spiritually ascend and prepare them for open contact with E.T.s. They are also Moumita’s spirit guides and are the embodiment of unconditional love.

What is vocal channeling?

My eyes are closed because I am in a trance state whereby I am channeling the group of 7 Arcturians. In vocal channeling a person enters into an altered state of consciousness and serves as a vessel or conduit for higher beings, allowing them to communicate and share their wisdom through spoken words.

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