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Activating your 3rd eye will allow you to talk to your spirit guides easily. While most people think activating your brow (ajna) chakra will give access to spiritual realms, what it actually does is power up your pineal gland.

The Ajna & Crown chakras control your pineal gland, which is a portal to otherworldly abilities. Most people do not use the abilities that the pineal gland can give you access to. Opening your ‘third eye’ means you are activating your ‘clair’ senses like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairtangency, etc.

So in this video, instead of talking about the 3rd eye, I will talk about what the 8 ‘Clair’ senses are and use Hod’s light language activation to enable your special abilities. And then you can use the meditation described in the video to speak with your spirit guides.

Watch the video twice. After listening to the light language activation, wait for at least 24-48 hours before you try to establish contact with your spirit guides. Give your body the time to adjust to the activation. Then do the guided meditation by rewatching the video.

Content of the video (with time stamps):

1:43: What are spirit guides

4:02: Your soul contracts with spirit guides

7:10: How spirit guides communicate with you

11:00: 8 types of Clair senses that you can use to communicate with your spirit guides

26:31: Talk with your spirit guide meditation

35:06: Light language activation by Hod

If you have no idea what the higher self is, watch this video

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