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Part 8 of how to develop emotional resilience. Emotional resilience means being calm during upsetting events and not feeling upset about them. Rejections are not easy to handle. Anna Wintour, Editor of American Vogue magazine, was fired after 9 months because her shoots were considered “too edgy”. So how do you handle such situations? In today’s video, I share a technique for how you can do it and how to course-correct yourself instead of beating yourself up.

Here is the complete set of all the parts on emotional resilience. Each covers a different reason of why bad things happen and how to overcome them:

Part 1: General framework of how to develop emotional balance during an upsetting situation.

Part 2: The relation between the laws of attraction and toxic people entering your life.

Part 3: Why do other people treat us badly and how to understand them.

Part 4: How to correct our own perceptions about negative events.

Part 5: Another reason why you may experience the worst kind of situation.

Part 6: How to look at a situation when your plans don’t work out.

Part 7: Hero origin stories from difficult life circumstances.

Part 8: Upsetness caused by misunderstanding.

Part 9: Upcoming

Part 10: Upcoming

Part 11: Upcoming

Part 12: Upcoming

Part 13: Upcoming

Part 14: Upcoming

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