How to develop emotional resilience – Part 3

This is one of the 13 reasons why upsetting things happen in our lives. If you truly understand why other people end up doing hurtful things, you will stop feeling hurt or disappointed. You will be able to find closure and move on. In my upcoming videos, I will explore more positive meanings that you can assign to negative events of your life, which will help you move on.

Part 1 | Part 2

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How to improve a relationship with someone you hate | A Better Living

I disliked a lot of people in my life until I realised that it is not always their nature that annoyed me. But that they triggered some of my negative core beliefs that caused me stress. And out of stress I would react negatively towards them. And the relationship would go downhill from there.

But then I learned to not fall into this trap. In this video, I show a way how you can improve your relationships with people who annoy you.

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