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Researchers in New Zealand have noted that writing about stressful events helps patients make sense of tragedy, reduce their distress and heal faster. 

When we analyse visual data of writing rather than thinking silently, our cognition such as decision making, critically looking at a situation, and short-term memory functions better. It assists you in gaining understanding about your issues, and you may find solutions on your own.

You can also say that Journaling is a method of self-education and self-healing. 

Some famous personalities who gave importance on journaling are-

  • Thousands of pages were packed with sketches and reflections on Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, inventions, observations, and ideas. 
  • During his lifetime, Albert Einstein gathered over 80,000 pages of notes. 
  • Throughout his life, former President John Adams kept over 51 journals. 
  • Over five million pages of notes were written by Thomas Edison. 

But why are people involved in journaling? 

To know how writing things down can help people, watch this video. 

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How to say ‘No’ to someone ?

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higher self

What is Higher self? Channeling Archangel Michael

Here’s the link to the 5 free meditations mentioned in the video: https://shop.abetterliving.co/5-day-daily-meditation-challenge

I decided to do this solo channeling to go into a deeper explanation of some spiritual concepts that have often intrigued me and others. I explain what a higher self is with some simple analogies.

And then I channeled Archangel Michael to explain some gaps and questions I had about the higher self to complete the picture. Unlike my group channeling events which invite many questions from others, these solo channelings are short and give you a short explanation of the spiritual & metaphysical concepts on the go.

Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to post your questions in the comments below.

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