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I have been quiet for quite some time mainly because I have been going through many personal transformations in the last 6 months. My spiritual advancements have caused some good things to happen in my life. Synchronistically some positive things are appearing in my life, that I used to only imagine in my dreams earlier.

personal development

Now that I am learning very advanced techniques in life coaching, limiting belief healing, TEAM-CBT, and personal development, I noticed that my powers of manifestation have increased. The more spiritually aligned I am becoming and taking responsibility for my words and actions (instead of blaming others, which I was very adept at doing), the faster is my spiritual progression happening. I can cite real evidence from my life to show you that becoming a better person and increasing the power of positive manifestations are closely interlinked. And you can do it too!

Earlier when I really desired something, I would imagine it through visualization. And it would take years or months to manifest in my life. But now if I imagine something, it would happen sometime within a week, a few days, or a maximum of a month. Let me give you an example of how my excitement started to become my reality.

harry potter magic

I love magic ever since I read Harry Potter back in 1998. I used to imagine myself doing ‘magic’ every time I would listen to music. I would listen to music for 5-6 hours straight until my Bluetooth headphones died. All I did while listening to music was imagine doing magic masterfully. I never thought I could ever become a magician, so I only lived that life in my imagination.

Now guess, what happened? Recently I was discovering more limiting beliefs that I had, which were manifesting as relationship challenges in my life. I really wished I could do magic to make those problems go away. And just within one week of thinking this, I suddenly noticed a big billboard right in front of the elevator of our building. It said ‘Join a free pranic healing camp this Sunday’. Now I am an introvert, I don’t go out of the house much. So this billboard appearing right in front of the elevator, where I couldn’t just simply miss it, was a huge sign for me. At that point, I didn’t know what it was. The image on the billboard gave me the impression that it will probably be a meditation camp or something. I was still excited because I have been wanting to do meditation for a long time.

The healing camp was a live demonstration of how our bodies are made of energy and how to do energy healing for both physical and emotional well-being. They made us do live exercises to sense the energy body. Towards the end, they did a meditation which calmed me down instantly and all my anger, frustration, etc melted away. This single experience left me in so much awe that I decided to pursue pranic healing and learn what it is.

advanced pranic healing certificate

So I did a basic and advanced certification course at the pranic healing center in the first 2 weekends. Not only that, I learned so much about this invisible world of energy. And how everything is made up of energy, and how we can use it for health and prosperity. It was like a dream come true! I have signed up for pranic psychotherapy also for the next weekend. And now that I am discovering this world of energy healing, I am also discovering so many Taoist traditions that have used energy for so long like Qi Gong, etc., Or martial arts based on pranic energy (CHI) like Tai Chi.

Honestly, my mind is blown!! :O I have manifested magic in my life! Because what we call magic is nothing but manipulating this subtle energy that is ever present everywhere around us. My advancement in my spiritual path is bringing me closer to my true passion and excitement synchronically. And things that I desire are manifesting so fast. I am super excited about what my path will unlock in the upcoming few months!

Right now it is very hard for me to gauge how many people are spiritually inclined to live their best lives full of purpose, excitement, health, and prosperity. Hence I keep these practices to myself unless someone shows interest in it.

If you are interested in unlocking your highest excitement, do drop a comment on this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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