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A parallel reality is essentially a single, motionless snapshot of the entire universe (and beyond) at a given moment, including you. It captures the static positions of everything around you, including the universe and beyond, before you can even move any part of your body or even take a breath. In other words, it’s like a single photo or frame that contains everything in it, frozen in time.

There are zillions of parallel realities that coexist in the same time and space. One reality can be different from the other just by a single atom. Or they can be so vastly different that they don’t resemble each other anymore at all. And there are billions of versions of realities in between those two variations and more. Every single frame contains not only your body but also everything around you in its unique position. It also contains everything else beyond your surroundings, including the snapshot of the universe and other universes beyond you. Each frame is like a 3D version of a photo with everything in it as shown below in the image.

parallel reality frame

We don’t experience these parallel realities one by one individually. The parallel realities of our body along with our immediate surroundings move through our consciousness billions of times per second. In other words, the consciousness occupies one frame at a time and takes 10−43 seconds (10 to the power of minus 43 seconds, which is close to Planck’s time) to travel from one frame to another.

We experience this as a constant, smooth animation like the way we live. Just like movies in older times used to be animated – a rapid succession of multiple frames. This will be explained in detail in the next topic.

Each parallel reality is separated from the other by having a slightly different frequency or vibration. That’s why not all of them can be perceived at the same time. Only the ones to which we are a ‘vibrational match’ to will be visible to us. All of the realities “exist here and now”. Meaning what we consider as the ‘past’ or the ‘future’ actually exists right here and now, simultaneously alongside our reality. But they are invisible.

“Everything exists here and now” is the second law of creation which means that all creations are occupying, living, and are in live action in the same point of time and space. In other words, time and space don’t exist and each of those realities is overlapping and coexisting with each other. They are invisible to each other because their vibration is different from each other.

To help you with an example, the realities of Cleopatra, Hitler, Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, and World War 1 and 2, Covid 19 are all happening, live, right here and now. But we cannot see or experience them because we are not of the same frequency as them. The concepts of vibration/frequency difference will be explained later.

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