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It happens in the same way that the law of attraction works. You are always resonating at a specific frequency, depending on the state of being you are in. A state of being is a combination of your beliefs + emotions + thoughts. Every thought, every action, and every emotion affects your vibration by increasing or decreasing it. Every time you take an action, it solidifies your intention in reality and shifts you to the parallel version of earth that matches your vibration. Look at the image below. If your vibration is 40,000 cycles per second (c/s), then you will move to Earth A. If your vibration is 50,000 c/s, then you will move to Earth B. Whenever you change your vibration to whatever frequency, you become a match to a parallel version of you on a parallel version of earth that is of the same frequency. And then your consciousness shifts to that earth.

For those who have not read my previous posts or my book, you have trillions of parallel versions of you on trillions of parallel versions of earth that exist in trillions of parallel realities. You are shifting through them billions of times a second unconsciously, 24 x 7.

As explained in this post, your physical parallel frame or parallel version doesn’t exist in isolation. It is part of a bigger frame of the earth and the universe it is in. So whenever your consciousness is moving into a parallel version of you, it is also shifting to a parallel version of earth (and also a universe) which it is on. In other words, you are shifting through billions of parallel earths as well.

When you are trying to change people, it is like changing your reflection in the mirror. You cannot change your reflection in the mirror without changing yourself first. If you have to make the reflection smile, you have to smile first. Your reality experience is a reflection of your inner reality. By inner reality, I mean your mind, consciousness, your perception of reality (perspective), state of being, etc. Whatever you are experiencing in life, is a true reflection of your current and most prominent beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. If you want to change your circumstance, you have to change yourself. That is why doing the inner work, shadow work, parts work, self-love, self-discovery, and all forms of personal development is so critical in shifting to your desired version of Earth. Because these kinds of work change your vibrational signature and instantly shifts you to the type of earth you prefer. You notice that suddenly that difficult person in your life is acting nicely with you. What happened is that you moved to an Earth where that person reflects your changed state of being. So technically speaking, you are not interacting with the same version of the person anymore. It is a different parallel version of that difficult person who is not like his/her previous self.

When you take even the slightest action or change your state of being (by changing your beliefs, thoughts, and emotional response to your present circumstance), your vibration changes. And whatever your new vibration is, you move to that version of earth where the reality is an exact match to your frequency. So don’t underestimate the power of even the smallest changes you make in yourself or the tiniest of actions you take. This is why Bashar says ‘your circumstances don’t matter, your state of being matters’.

For example, if you are wondering, what difference would a $1 donation for war victims do to stopping the war in Ukraine? I will tell you this: That $1 donation is your physical confirmation and setting of intention that you want to be on an earth that doesn’t have any war. You are confirming your vibrational signature to match the earth where the war stops and the war victims find refuge. Because of that small action, you will immediately shift to that earth where the war eventually stops. If you hadn’t taken that action, you would still be on other versions of earth where the war never ends.

It’s the same with voting for your preferred Government. Your physical action of casting a vote in favor of the type of government that you want sends a message to the universe about what you want. Now depending on your beliefs it may take some time to manifest. But the point is you are casting a vote for your favorite kind of reality by taking that action. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, because remember that others are a reflection of your state of being. When you change, everything and everybody around you changes. It may not seem like that at first. But if you are observant of the changes around you and others, you will notice the shifts in others. The change in others is a reflection of the changes you made in yourself.

As per Ryok (another Essassani being from Bashar’s civilization) says – If you are in a world where there is a war happening in some other country, then it is your soul’s way of showing unintegrated aspects of your shadow self. For the soul, any being who is hurt in some other part of the world feels like an injury in itself. The injury feels real to the soul as much as it feels when you hurt your physical hands or legs. So even if it doesn’t affect your life directly, wars or disasters in other parts of the world allow us to find what made us a vibrational match to this version of earth. Why didn’t we live on another version of the earth which had peace? Because we are at war inside ourselves, suppressing, disowning, and denying parts of ourselves. That war-like inner reality reflects in our outer reality. You can help your soul by taking action from a place of love. Ask yourself – if my soul feels hurt when other countries are at war, what loving actions can I take to bring it relief? There are so many ways to manifest a peaceful earth. Integrating your shadow aspects is one. Donating money to war victims or refugees is another, even if it is a very small amount. Doing energy healing in those countries is another way. Explore any way that aligns with your value system and you feel good doing them. That will help you change your vibration and manifest a different version of the earth that is more peaceful.

Similarly, every person, event, or news that triggers you in your life, shows you an aspect of yourself that you fully haven’t discovered, understood, or integrated. That disowned aspect of yourself is in pain and desires integration. So it will keep attracting matching vibrations of reality and people which might be very unpleasant to you. This cycle will keep repeating until you change your beliefs, and start doing things differently than in the past. Do your inner work, self-discovery, inner healing, and parts integration.

Thank every negative event or person who shows up in your life. Because they are allowing you to discover an unknown and unintegrated part of you. Thus allowing you to integrate, heal and acknowledge it. The unpleasant thing is showing you who you are by reflecting on things you are holding onto that are hurting you. By showing you aspects that you are NOT. It allows you to make a different choice to become and act like who you are meant to be. Every event, whether it is positive or negative, will create growth in you. It will raise your vibration.

Appreciate all events that happen in your life. It may feel difficult at first because you have much-unresolved trauma from the past. Most people don’t even realize they have trauma or are in denial. But once you have released that, forgiveness and gratitude for all things become very easy. I coach people on how to do this in my 1:1 sessions and is a topic for another time. Technically there are no ‘mistakes’ that you can make. Regretting a choice that you made creates a contrast in your life to show you who you truly want to be. So a mistake is also serving you positively. In short, all ways lead to the source, universe, All that Is, God, or whatever you want to call it. There is no way that you can get lost or make a mistake. Some ways may take longer, some take a shorter time. But because time doesn’t exist in reality, what’s the rush? Take your time to unravel and become who you are. It is never too late.

Think of any action that you had been procrastinating. Now knowing how the parallel realities work, take that long pending action! Do what it takes to assert what you prefer through your persistent and consistent actions toward the same thing. Move to the earth that you wish or desire. And it shall manifest.

This section is from my upcoming book. Hope you enjoyed it! Please leave your questions or comments below.

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