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Although Criticism is not what you expect as feedback from your boss, how you respond to it is your choice. 

Don’t assume that the person who is giving you the feedback is out to hurt you. Consider that they are sincere and have positive intentions instead.

While dealing with workplace criticism can be challenging, it can also be a blessing. It’s impossible to improve your performance and develop better at your craft without receiving constructive feedback. Fortunately, you have the option of how to deal with unfavourable feedback now.

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Activate your 3rd eye – Talk to your spirit guides

You can talk to your spirit guides when you activate your 3rd eye, thus also enabling 8 types of ‘clair’ senses like clairvoyance, etc. Listen to Hod’s light language to activate your ‘clair’ abilities and then use this guided meditation to start communicating with your guides.

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