How do our emotions affect our work?

If you are feeling low, it will affect the work you do. We don’t often understand how our emotions have a direct impact on our workplace behavior and performance. Demotivation, distraction, lack of focus, and longer time to complete a task are common signs of disengagement because we don’t feel good. Most of us are only caring for our physical health and ignoring our emotional health. 

Look for the signs of emotional unwellness if it persists for longer than a week. 

  • Do small things throughout the day that make you happy, especially before starting your day and ending your day. 
  • Take small breaks in between work and engage in small activities that uplift your mood. It could be like talking to a friend, doodling, or watching funny videos.
  • Remember that your day, if it’s not going well, doesn’t define who you are. Write down the best moments of your life or the compliments you have received in your mobile note app and read those whenever you are feeling low.
  • Think of your dreams and life visions that will make you happy and visualize them often. Visualizing our dreams and desires puts us in a state of happiness. Create a vision board and look at it often.


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