7 Signs of emotional wellness – Part 3

Adam Grant, organizational psychologist, and author, talked about the state of flow in one of his lovely TED talks – How to stop languishing and start finding flow. 

The state of flow is one of the signs of emotional wellness. When you are languishing or worrying about things, it becomes very difficult to enter this state. Unlike what most people think of meditation, the effect of entering into the state of flow is the same as meditation because both the activities allow you to become thoughtless and only ‘Act’ in the present moment. So if you are in the state of flow, you are essentially meditating.

The brain waves produced during both flow state and meditation are Theta waves, which are known to calm the mind and relax you into a peaceful state.

How do you achieve the state of flow? 

– Engage in activities that do not require thinking, but only ‘doing’ things. e.g. gardening, cleaning, knitting, or any activity which you have to do so many times that you do it automatically.

– Do activities that you enjoy doing. This is different for different people. When we engage in activities that we truly enjoy, times pass by without us noticing because we are fully immersed in it.

– Majority of the time, the state of flow happens in solitary activities where other people or decision-making is not involved. Turn your mobile or devices into a silent mode so that you are not disturbed during a flow activity.

What do you do to experience the state of flow in your daily lives? Comment below.






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