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Adam Grant, organizational psychologist, and author, talked about the state of flow in one of his lovely TED talks – How to stop languishing and start finding flow. 

The state of flow is one of the signs of emotional wellness. When you are languishing or worrying about things, it becomes very difficult to enter this state. Unlike what most people think of meditation, the effect of entering into the state of flow is the same as meditation because both the activities allow you to become thoughtless and only ‘Act’ in the present moment. So if you are in the state of flow, you are essentially meditating.

The brain waves produced during both flow state and meditation are Theta waves, which are known to calm the mind and relax you into a peaceful state.

How do you achieve the state of flow? 

– Engage in activities that do not require thinking, but only ‘doing’ things. e.g. gardening, cleaning, knitting, or any activity which you have to do so many times that you do it automatically.

– Do activities that you enjoy doing. This is different for different people. When we engage in activities that we truly enjoy, times pass by without us noticing because we are fully immersed in it.

– Majority of the time, the state of flow happens in solitary activities where other people or decision-making is not involved. Turn your mobile or devices into a silent mode so that you are not disturbed during a flow activity.

What do you do to experience the state of flow in your daily lives? Comment below.






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realms of angel

Realms of angel – Archangel Michael channeled (trailor)

Full transmission: https://shop.abetterliving.co/realms-of-angels-archangel-michael

The realm of the angels: What do we want from humanity? We are going to be very direct.

We have tried reaching out to many of you. And we have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, ignored, or doubted.

You are parts of us.

If you heard the transmission of the Arcturians talking about dimensions and your otherworldly presence, then you would know that you are like the cells in our organs. Because we are part of Source (God) and so are you. So metaphorically speaking, if you take an organ, like say the heart, the whole organ is made of many, many smaller cells. So you are our cells and we are the heart. We are the heart of Source’s body and we play an important role. When we give you this perspective, it will help you understand how important each one of you is to Source. Because you are part of Source and part of us.

That’s why you can connect with us.

If we were not part of you, then you wouldn’t have been able to connect with us at all. Some of you are connected to other non-angelic realms too. Very few of you. They are also part of Source, but they are not part of us. That’s why they cannot connect with us. They are more like cells of a different organ, like say the liver or the kidney.

They are still part of Source. But more representative of a different group of collective.

We as archangels govern the angelic kingdom so as to speak in your language.

And each one of us represents a specific vibration, which you have thoroughly misinterpreted in human terms. We are going to clarify those. And it makes it very easier for us to do so through this channel because this channel does not have many ideas or preconceived notions about angels. Thanks to her non-attachment to Christianity as a religion, she’s not familiar with our concept that much.

Which makes it easier for us to pass through certain information unfiltered. This is a problem we faced with other channelers who had strong belief systems about us. And hence, it becomes difficult to perpetuate the truth when their beliefs are filtering what we are sending.

We are going to talk about our realm. What do we do when we are not helping you? And what it’s like to be us- A glimpse into a day in our life.

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