What is your super power?

A superpower is a quality or capability in us that we are exceptionally good at. It comes naturally to us, it feels effortless and energizes us the more we do it. It makes us feel powerful and “in our element”.

Most of you know your superpower as your “life’s purpose” in this life. Or your “strengths“. Chances are high if you are using your superpowers in your daily life, you are happier and more fulfilled. If you are not using superpowers in your life, why not? Take the time to introspect what your superpower is and figure out a way to do it more often daily. Do you find it exciting to discover your superpower? Drop a ‘yes’ in the comments if you agree.


What is happiness?

Most often we think happiness to be one type of feeling that is transient, highly elevating emotional state. But it’s not quite that.

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