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At A.B.L, we believe in 360° Healing

Your mind, body and soul are connected. And when one is stressed, the others follow suit. Our services are designed to restore your wellbeing you holistically.

Moumita Paul-Coach
Coaching by Moumita

Private 1:1 Coaching

Say goodbye to stress & burnout and hello to a happier, healthier, and more productive you. Get 1:1 private coaching, customised strategies, and personalised support that empower you to overcome stress, manage your workload, and achieve your goals. Experience 100% improvement in confidence.

Live group sessions
Live group sessions by Moumita

Live Group Sessions

Develop your soul! In these group channeling sessions, you’ll get to ask questions to higher beings like the Arcturian Council, Lemurians, etc on topics like using technology in spiritual ascension, self healing, parallel realities, time traveling, and so much more. Check out this month's event schedule & register.

Moumita meditating

Private Channeling Sessions

Do you have burning questions about your purpose, health, or relationships that you can't find answers to? Look no further than our one on one private channeling sessions!
You can ask any question to these intradimensional beings and receive life-transforming answers.

Video courses by Moumita
Video Courses by Moumita

Video Courses

Take care of your mental health and personal development. Get lifetime access to self-paced, online courses to overcome communication challenges, anger, etc. Feel a 90% reduction in negative emotions. Embark on a journey towards a happier and healthier work life today!

Free Self Help videos

Free Self Help Videos

If you are constantly battling against work-related problems and challenges, then our self-help videos are just what you need! These small bites of information, healing, meditation, etc will keep you sane for the day. Manage your stress and improve your well-being.

higher beings
Video Courses by Moumita

Channeled Videos

Explore the repository of our past channeled videos from beings like the Archangel Michael, Arcturian Council, HOD, Nomura Lemurians, etc. Participants have often told us that they experience profound transformations after watching these videos.

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