How to trust others ?

The fear of trusting people  is not a secret now, it is a common phobia. 


Oftentimes, it has happened to us that we trust people and what they say but it turns out to be something else. This way it becomes difficult for us to trust people and their words even if they are right. 


Some other reasons for hesitating to trust others are-


  • Fear of getting betrayed again
  • Fear of being closer
  • You are holding on to your past.


But whatever the reasons are, trust is very important. People can live and work together, feel safe, and belong to a community when they have trust. While trust in a person permits organizations and societies to prosper, a lack of trust can lead to disintegration, conflict, and even war.


This video will help you to learn How we have to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy people.

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