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Transformation in 90 days

Hooray! I lost 14 KG weight in 3 months! During covid lockdown in 2020, I had gained around 12 KG while sitting at home with zero movements and junk food to keep me company. My height is 5.6 ft and I weighed a whopping 83 KG :O !

After doing the Wildfit program, not only did I lose weight, but it also improved the other health conditions that I acquired after gaining weight. E.g. hypothyroidism, high uric acid, high cholesterol, low vitamin D3, B12, kidney stone. All my blood tests came normal after completing the program. I stopped getting the frequent acidity that I used to feel after eating. My energy levels and mental clarity increased. And most importantly my self esteem was restored. Just by changing what I eat. No portion measuring, no exercise, no fasting, no calorie counting.

This program had a profound impact on me. I realized that the type of food we eat has a direct impact on mental health and happiness. Quoting from Uma Naidu’s (MD) book – The Food Mood Connection -“Subtle changes in distant parts of the body can change the brain too. The most profound of these distant relationships is between the brain and the gut…The enteric (stomach) nervous system contains between 100 million and 500 million neurons, the largest collection of nerve cells in the body. That’s why some people call the gut “the second brain”…The vagus nerve originates in the brain stem and travels all the way to the gut, connecting it to the central nervous system.”  The body communicates in chemicals. When food is digested, it is broken down into chemicals that is passed on to the brain through the vagus nerve. So a bad quality food or bad digestion affects our moods, how we think, and our emotional regulation. 

We often think only exercising is enough to maintain good health. But what we eat gets is more important. Food is used by the body to fuel itself and get the necessary nutrition from to be in balance. Only exercising cannot replace that. A poor gut health can affect your brain. 

I know this to be true from my personal experience because I have had anxiety all throughout my life. And had three episodes of major depression in the past. I wasn’t happy with my weight even before I gained weight in 2020. Because I was eating crap. Before Covid, my weight was around 73 KG, which was tending to obesity. But after covid lockdown, things just became worse.

Before weightloss

Me before weight loss, 2021

This picture on the left is me at my fattest times 🙁 . In 2021 I tried intermittent fasting to lose weight because I could not exercise. Exercise of any kind gave me headaches, I don’t know why. I didn’t even dare trying high-intensity exercises (HTT) because of that. But fasting didn’t help me either because I would always feel hungry and ended up breaking the fast. It didn’t work out.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror. Despite practising self love and working on my negative beliefs, I just couldn’t find a way to love myself the way I looked. It was as if my self esteem was tied to how I looked in the mirror. By the end of 2021, I was so upset that I will never be able to lose weight, that I gave up. 

Discovering the right program for me

I think that’s when the universe heard my desperations. I just happened to come across this ad on Instagram. It was a diet program called – Wildfit. It said it is a lifestyle changing program and not just a diet program. I was like – “since I am not making any progress anyway and nothing seems to work, might as well try it”. 

Me after weight loss, 2022

The program was expensive and required a daily commitment of 90 days to see the results. I had tried doing dieting before and after 2-3 months, couldn’t sustain it and had gained 5 KG. So, I was hesitant about this program. I was worried that after the program probably I will again fall off the wagon and not be able to sustain this new lifestyle. But they said I can cancel anytime up to 14 days from the day of registering, so I thought I will give it a shot. On 27th December 2021, I started this online course for losing weight. I resolved that in the new year I will be fit and lean.

The Weightloss Journey

The founder of the Wildfit, Eric Edmeades, had us watch daily 30 minutes videos on how to do this program, what do each kind of food do to our body, the types of hunger we have, and how our emotions play a key role in deciding what we eat. His approach to diet, in general, was nothing that I have ever seen or heard anywhere. It was highly structured, with proper, downloadable guidelines as to what to eat every week.

This is not your average diet program where you get a food chart that you need to follow. What’s more, it is suited to whatever busy lifestyle you have. They even had a closed facebook group where we received weekly, live coaching calls from Wildfit expert coaches. It was a bustling community of people who were on the same journey. And there were two Wildfit coaches who answered our questions and encouraged all of us daily.

I used to order food every day before doing Wildfit because I had no time to cook. I hated cooking in general. But I gradually started cooking gradually with the free recipes they shared. Plus it had no daily exercise requirement! Neither did they ask to control food portions or do calorie counting while eating. I still can’t believe that I actually cook now daily, despite my busy schedule. Eric even says how to plan the food preparation time in advance so that I can fit it into my schedule. I decided to not cancel the program after 14 days and continued the journey.


After completing this program on the 27th of March, you can see the results in my picture above. I wouldn’t say it was an easy program, but it was worth every penny. My self-esteem was restored! I actually lost way more weight than I thought I would. Now I am at 67 KGs as of today. (The picture on the top was taken 2 weeks before the end of the program. I lost 2 more KG after that photo).

I am so happy with the results that I just can’t recommend this program enough. I have decided to spread the word with my friends so that they can benefit from it too. I even signed up as their affiliate. Now I want to share this course with you too!

We often overlook the nutritional quality of the food we eat because we either don’t know what to eat or don’t care.

Benefits of doing wildfit

This program helped me

  1. Lose weight, gain control over emotional eating, and restored my self-esteem.
  2. Taught me a way how to sustain this lifestyle and not fall off the wagon after the course.
  3. Showed how the food industry has been manipulating us with misleading marketing. And gave us a choice not to fall for it.
  4. Gave us a way to manage our emotions around food. I saw the recurrent psychological themes of ‘Parts work‘ in it. Which I really loved because it means that we are attacking the problem psychologically too and changing our belief systems around food.

I am super proud of presenting the benefit of Wildfit to you and sharing the freebies they give. If you are not sure if you want to do it, give their 14-day, risk-free challenge a try. The 14 day program is only $27. After doing it you can decide whether you want to do the full 90-day program or not. Some people who did the program with me also reported improvements in their diabetic and digestive conditions. 

P.S: Links on this page will help me earn a commission from Wildfit.

Try Wildfit for 14 days

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I can guarantee you that this program will change how you think about food. Let me know if you have any qustions in the comments below. I am super excited to see you become the best version of yourself! 🙂